Learning Matt Nagy’s playbook “like riding a bike” for Nick Foles

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The Bears aren’t having a quarterback competition on Zoom, but they will have a quarterback competition once they get to training camp.

And Nick Foles, who arrived in Chicago in a March 18 trade from Jacksonville, already knows the offense as well as Mitchell Trubisky.

Nagy was a quality control coach in Philadelphia in 2012 when Foles played for the Eagles, and four years later, the two were together again in Kansas City when Nagy was the offensive coordinator.

“It’s like riding a bike,” Nagy said in conference call Friday, via Jason Leiser of the Chicago Sun-Times. “He’s been through some different offenses, even from the last time we were together in Kansas City, but once you present somebody like Nick the playbook and they start looking at it, all of a sudden it just clicks.

“You start remembering it and you just start retraining your brain from what you knew in the past year or couple years. . . . There’s still terminology differences between all of us, but that doesn’t take much. And Nick’s a smart guy.”

The quarterback battle will dominate the headlines in Chicago until the Bears name a starter. Even then, it’s not over.

“We all understand that this thing is going to be what y’all talk about,” Nagy said, “and that’s fair. That’s totally fair.”

The Bears set the stage for the quarterback battle by trading a fourth-round pick for Foles and declining Trubisky’s fifth-year option for 2021.

14 responses to “Learning Matt Nagy’s playbook “like riding a bike” for Nick Foles

  1. This whole situation smells bad, like real bad… It smells exactly like when Hue Jackson brought in Carson Palmer off the retirement couch for the Raiders.

    Bruce Arians was able to make Palmer work but Hue is a franchise killer. This is why Tampa is a legit first team to host a Super Bowl.

  2. Is it really a battle when one guy is basically a lame duck and the other is making $20m a year with a little term left?

  3. I would love nothing more than for once in my life the Bears figure out the QB position.

    I don’t feel this is the year.

  4. Nagy’s playbook would be simple for anyone in the game to learn since it consists of hundreds of motions and formations that result in only five basic plays. Foles should easily win a competition against a QB that can’t read a defense and is afraid to throw the ball.

  5. Nick Foles is a very mediocre back-up level QB who got hot at the right time. How many subpar seasons do people need to see from this guy to come to grips with reality? Trent Dilfer has a ring too.

  6. Nagy clearly doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. His offenses are a joke. You’re no Andy Reid

  7. Like a tandem bike with a guy named Mitchell who also doesn’t know how to ride and is doomed to CRASH INTO THE RIVER.

  8. I’d think the playbook is similar to a kids book. Watching the bears play a few games last year the offense was painful. I’d just hope for them to put together a drive without shooting them selves in the foot with trick plays.

  9. What people haven’t figured out is that Nagy’s offense relies on a scrambling QB. Foles ain’t that. They would be better off cutting bait and bringing in Cam. He would fit Nagy’s offense perfect. Unfortunately, Pace blew his wad too early trading for Foles.

  10. Nothing against Foles but I didn’t like this trade because it enables Nagy to continue forcing his poor coaching skills on the Bears. You always read about the way BB utilizes the skills of the players he has and the same after Don Shula passed. They found out what their players did well and prepared the team to win using those skills. Nagy says do it my way or we’ll get someone else. Trubisky has skills but Nagy is too stubborn or more likely, unskilled enough to prepare a game plan that utilize them. Foles just allows him to continue. All will be gone after this year if they play.

  11. As a Raiders and Lions fan I’m a certified expert in analyzing QBs “crashing into the river”

    Stafford has three, THREE failed playoff losses from turning the ball over and blowing the game.

    Mariota and Carr…..well do I really need to go into detail, they’re the exact same talent level as Trubisky, lol.

  12. What the Bears should do is to star TrueBiscuit and then bring in Foles to mop up for him. Foles doesn’t seem to handle a full time gig well, but likes being thrown in there. It worked for the Philthy team. It could work in Chicago.

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