Pass interference replay review may be replaced with nothing for 2020

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When it comes to replay review for pass interference, the easy decision for the NFL is to dump it. The tougher decision is replacing it.

Next Tuesday, the league’s owners will have a virtual meeting, their first collective conversation since the pandemic began. As one source with knowledge of the situation explained it to PFT, however, the absence of an in-person meeting will make it difficult to reach a consensus on such a thorny and difficult (and potentially expensive) question.

So don’t be surprised if the owners decide to revert to trusting the officials to get it right on the field. Replay review didn’t work, either because the league office wasn’t able to properly execute it or because it’s impossible to consistently handle close cases given the subjectivity of the rule — or both. Under the unique circumstances of the current health crisis, hashing out an acceptable replacement via a mega-Zoom meeting portal will be very hard to accomplish.

Besides, the league currently has bigger fish to fry. Major changes with potential unintended consequences (such as coming up with a better way to avoid another Rams-Saints NFC Championship debacle) take a back seat to more basic questions like how to stage 256 regular-season games with minimal player and coach coronavirus infections. Indeed, having a controversial finish to a conference title game would be good news for the league this year, because that means that there actually will be conference title games.

As a practical matter, if the 2020 season proceeds under the pre-2019 rules and if there are no major incidents, the league may decide to stay the course for 2021. And, if 2021 unfolds without incident, the league may decide to kick the can into 2022. And so on, until there’s another major controversy fueled by the failure to spot an obvious pass interference foul with a Super Bowl berth or a Super Bowl win riding on the outcome.

17 responses to “Pass interference replay review may be replaced with nothing for 2020

  1. Replacing last year’s replay policy with nothing? Essentially policy is the same then.

  2. 256 games a year, 120 plays per game = 30,720 plays in a NFL season. GET OVER IT.

    This constant whining over one bad call is embarrassing.

  3. Hopefully.
    This was all fool’s gold to begin with.
    A dramatic overreaction to a single play that never should have been taken in the first place.

    PI has always been a very individual and subjective rule to enforce, and it just doesn’t have the black and white characteristics one needs to use replay review properly.
    Moving on.

  4. Replay review will be replaced with the refs previous horrible calls before review.

  5. There is to much money involved to not use available technology to get the calls right and correct obvious calls, wether intentionally missed or otherwise. They need to avoid a Tim Donaghy situation or even the appearance of one. They are inviting Congress to eventually get involved and that is the last thing they should want

  6. They do have bigger fish to fry. That’s why, from the owners perspective, they should come up with a solution to their liking, not cry-baby Payton.

  7. @ akira1971
    “get over it”?
    Says the Vikings who wont stop, it is never ending, it is always someone elses fault Drew Pearson ,
    it was 10 years ago
    The Saints (look at all the Viking post on Saints sites,never the other way around.)
    HEY ! you had 5 turnovers! were you going for a bakers dozen?
    Cant expect to win with 5 turnovers
    FAVRE threw the pick!
    but keep being bitter! THATS the best way to go!

  8. ahzroc says: ”
    @ akira1971
    “get over it”?
    Says the Vikings who wont stop, it is never ending, it is always someone elses fault Drew Pearson”

    Not sure what you’re ranting about… never been a Vikings fan. But seriously, get over it and look forward to 2020 and beyond. Dwelling on one bad call two years ago doesn’t help anyone.

  9. Don’t know why but the photo of Coleman’s tight coverage on Lewis brings a smile to my face

  10. The big problem with the officiating is corruption, no rule change can ever fix that

  11. Unfortunately some people are letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. Even if just a single missed interference call is reversed during an entire season, that is one fewer mistake. and the leauge is better as a result.

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