Ravens considering out-of-state sites for camp, though hopeful

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The trend line is positive in Maryland for now, and the state is set to lift a stay-at-home order today.

But the Ravens still aren’t sure they’ll be able to have training camp at home.

Team president Dick Cass said they could explore moving away from their team facility (where they’ve had camp since 2011), but that’s obviously not their preference.

We’ll consider all options,” Cass said, via Jonas Shaffer of the Baltimore Sun. “I think when we think about the option of trying to move our training camp outside Maryland, we don’t like that option. We think that we can conduct training camp safely in Maryland. We know that our building will be absolutely pristine, and I think the safest place to conduct our training camp will be in Maryland, at our facility.

“But if circumstances don’t allow that, we will explore the options that are available to us. We have to.”

With restrictions on gatherings limited to 10 people remaining in effect, Cass added that “our priority has to be to keep our players and our staff safe and healthy. That’s the priority we’re going to focus on.”

In addition to the 150 or so people who would need to be working to hold a training camp, the Ravens have typically hosted 2,000 fans a day at camp, though that seems like a relic of a bygone era.

4 responses to “Ravens considering out-of-state sites for camp, though hopeful

  1. I doubt MD will lift theirs, I live in VA we just got extended 2 weeks and DC got 3 weeks extension

  2. They should ask K Costner if they can use his FIELD OF DREAMS! They’d totally be social distancing then.

  3. When will people/businesses challenge these unconstitutional fascist “orders”? No ONE PERSON has the power to give orders in the US, this is a republic and laws have to be passed by 2/3 of the states House and Senate and then signed by the governor which not a one of these orders were! Wisconsin’s Surpreme Court just struck down their “stay at home” order and Texas is on the verge of doing the same thing for that very reason and other states are following.

    And I’d think the NFL would be leading this charge since they have so much to lose, if people can’t work they can’t afford to go to games! There’s going to be a whole lot of empty seats around the NFL this season even if they permit sporting events.

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