Sean Payton: We think Taysom Hill is going to be an outstanding NFL quarterback

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The New Orleans Saints have situated themselves in such a way that Taysom Hill appears to be the quarterback-in-waiting for when Drew Brees elects to retire from the game. But with Hill essentially being a gadget player through his first three seasons in New Orleans and having attempted just 13 passes in regular season games, it’s understandable to wonder whether Hill is capable of the job he’s penciled in for in a post-Brees era with the Saints.

Saints head coach Sean Payton understands that Hill’s competency for the job will be questioned by those that aren’t able to see him play quarterback regularly. But in an interview with 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore on Thursday, Payton said they have supreme confidence in what Hill is capable of as a quarterback in the NFL.

For those that aren’t sold, it’s probably because they haven’t seen enough of him in games and I can certainly understand that,” Payton said, via Luke Johnson of the New Orleans Advocate. “Now, that being said, we’ve seen hundreds of reps that weren’t necessarily regular season games and we’ve seen some of the things we feel he can do on a consistent basis.

“That’s often the case with any new player, new meaning that time comes where Taysom is transitioning into quarterback-only, people are excited or anxious to see, hey, how does this guy function down-in and down-out at that position?

“We think he’s going to be an outstanding NFL quarterback. He’s a very good athlete. But I think that’s a normal reaction for any fan relative to someone that is getting ready to play that position and they haven’t had the same amount of snaps to look at.”

Hill has completed just six of 13 attempts for 119 yards with an interception over the last two seasons. He’s been most successful as running back and receiver, carrying the ball 64 times for 352 yards and three touchdowns over that same span. He also caught 19 passes for 234 yards and six touchdowns last year for New Orleans.

Hill completed 36 of 49 passes for 365 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions in the 2018 preseason and was 40 of 59 for 443 yards with three touchdowns and one interception last August for the Saints.

14 responses to “Sean Payton: We think Taysom Hill is going to be an outstanding NFL quarterback

  1. And I still think I can be a rockstar but the truth is I just ain’t that good at guitar. But I suppose Payton will have someone to blame and create some lawsuit against somebody regarding Hill’s inability to ever be more than a gadget player. But it will absolutely me someone else’s fault.

  2. Enough with the Taysom Hill hype. Is Payton his coach or his publicist? I’ve never heard so much about someone who has accomplished.

    They had a chance to play him last year when Brees went down and didn’t. Now Jameis is going to be the primary backup. At this rate, Taysom’s going to be a 33 year old first-time starter. Yawn.

    I’m from Missouri, Sean Payton. Stop talking and show me.

  3. Man, 105.7 The Fan got a lot of juice out of Payton. There’s a handful of articles on here just off that one interview.

    Surprised a local Baltimore radio station was having this in-depth of an interview with the Saints coach this time of year. Is there a connection I don’t know about?

  4. As one of the longest tenured coaches in the NFL with total job security, Payton’s interviews are so revealing. He’s the anti-Belichick and it’s so much nicer than Belichick. Payton is out to win, have fun, and even though he jokes around with players and talks trash in the way football players do, he does it with the respectfulness that all players and coaches have. That is, if you don’t get his attention, you didn’t earn it.

    It’s really cool to have this guy out there coaching.

  5. Taysom is a legend in his own mind, i don’t even think Payton thinks he is a good quarterback who is now a 3rd string

  6. Maybe if he says it enough, it will magically come true some day. Sure seems like they are trying to build up a nice trade market and will eventually fleece some team into thinking he can be the QB of the future.

  7. What is Peyton up to? He’s too experienced a coach not to know the difference between doing well a play or two and being the regular starter. We’ve all seen backup QBs and rookies seem to play like HOFs until defenses figure the out. I think he’s just spoofing us all. Over 30, only a few dozen passes, passed over for Teddy Bridgewater.
    Yeah, he’s a surefire HOF.

  8. People keep saying, if Hill was going to be Brees’ successor, he would have been playing QB instead of Bridgewater when Brees was injured. Hill was an integral part of the Saints offense at other positions. He wasn’t a “gadget” player. Gadget players don’t score six touchdowns in a season. Bridgewater had to be the back-up because he can’t do what Hill does in that offense. And, if Bridgewater, who doesn’t have the soundest knees in the game, had been injured, Hill would have had to play and Payton would have had to re-do his play book. If anybody but Hill was penciled in to be Brees’ successor, the Saints would have kept Bridgewater. If Brees were to be injured again, Winston would step in as QB for the same reason that Bridgewater played when Brees was hurt. It has nothing to do with who’s better. It has to do with who can fill roles in a complex offense. In 2021, Hill will be the starting QB for the Saints and Winston, if he is kept by the Saints, will be Hill’s back-up.

  9. It will be very interesting to see if Hill really is the starter in 2021.

  10. We saw this same thing last year when John Harbaugh told people Lamar Jackson and his offense would be electric, and the internet coaches knew better than him. This isn’t Freddie Kitchens or Ray Handley talking up players. I think Payton and Harbaugh know what they’re doing.

  11. Either Sean Payton is pulling your leg or he knows something you don’t. Not only is he a lot more experienced than we are, he is in the best position to evaluate Taysom Hill.

    I’ll wait until he puts it on the field to make a judgment. I don’t have the experience or confidence some of you display.

    About the only prediction I will make is they did not pay him that much not to use him more on offense.

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