Phyllis George, NFL broadcasting pioneer, dies at 70

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Phyllis George, a former Miss America who became a mainstay on football Sundays, has died. She was 70.

According to the Louisville Courier Journal, she passed on Thursday from a blood disorder that she first developed in her 30s.

George, the 1971 Miss America, joined The NFL Today in 1975, along with Brent Musburger, Irv Cross, and Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder. She was a pioneer for women in sports broadcasting, at a time when the CBS pregame show was appointment viewing for football fans throughout the country. George remained on the program for three seasons, returning in 1980 and exiting again in 1983.

She went on to do many things in TV and beyond, including becoming the First Lady of Kentucky and having a small but memorable role in Meet The Parents. Survivors include two children, including CNN reporter Pamela Brown.

We extend our condolences to her family, colleagues, and friends.

22 responses to “Phyllis George, NFL broadcasting pioneer, dies at 70

  1. I used to watch NFL Today each Sunday growing up. Jimmy the Greek, Brent, Irv, and Phyllis. RIP Phyllis George.

  2. She was a class act, a great beauty, but most off all a pioneer. Thoughts and prayers to the family.

  3. Her interview with Roger Staubach was a classic. Loved that pre-game, defining for the era. RIP.

  4. Those were the days, She was a avid Cowboy’s fan and didn’t mind showing it..

    RIP Phyllis

  5. Phyllis George paved the way for many excellent women in sports broadcasting who followed. In the 70s, The NFL Today was must-see TV for football fans as much as Monday Night Football. RIP Phyllis – your legacy remains strong.

  6. She was one of the first women hired by a sports show and unfortunately, she was used mainly as eye candy for men. Things haven’t changed much either.
    Look at all the women who are involved in sports broadcasting and they all look like models. About the only exceptions are Ramona Shelburne and Jackie Macmullan.
    Most of the rest dress up like they’re going to a Hollywood premier in short skirts, tight blouses, and heels.
    She was a very beautiful lady who did her job very well. R.I.P. Phyllis.

  7. NFL Today. When football was great. She was awesome. They all were awesome. I can’t even watch today’s pregame show. They stink soooooo bad.

  8. Irv and Brent and Phyllis. The good old days. I was telling my son that Im still not that old after I just turned 50 this March. No, I am certainly getting old now.

  9. I use to watch the pre game with Phyllis, Jimmy and Irv every single Sunday. Great show. Great Classy Lady.
    Now I never watch the pregame Bozo circus act.
    RIP Phyllis.

  10. R.I.P. Phyllis. Like most people, I might have been a little skeptical when I first heard she would be part of a football broadcast, but she definitely held her own and it was a perfect fit. She set the bar really high for all that followed her. That’s an understatement.

  11. As an adolescent, Phyllis represented two things I began to love in the mid-70’s…football and girls. Like many going through puberty at the time, I remember having a slight crush on Phyllis.

  12. She was ok but not near as great as future hall of famer Beth “I sound like Miss Hathaway on Beverly Hillbilly’s” Mowins.

  13. Loved her…RIP Phyllis. She was a pioneer for women in sports media..should be considered for the NFL HOF! No joke!

  14. she was really good back in the day; added a good blend of professionalism and levity to that set; very sad; way to early; very sorry for her family.

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