Which historical units would you want to coach?

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In honor of Big Cat’s college football video game barnstorming tour with coach Doug (or Gus) Duggerton, Friday’s PFT Live draft focus on specific NFL units from the past that we’d like to coach.

Offense, defense, special teams. Which units would be the most fun to unleash on a football field?

The selections appear in the attached video. Check them out, and then chime in with your own thoughts.

Along the way, Big Cat made a reference to a different kind of “unit.” I didn’t know what he was talking about at the time. Now I do. And, yes, that man is an absolute unit.

As to the football units, given us a watch and a listen, and then share your views below.

22 responses to “Which historical units would you want to coach?

  1. atthemurph says:
    May 16, 2020 at 8:24 am
    1929 Packers defense, the best defense the league has ever seen.

    At this point, they might have trouble with the modern passing game. But then, most of the players would be over 120 years old, so we have to allow for that…..

  2. Rams defensive line for the 60s and 70s. No free agency, no cap, and a steady supply of All Pros and Hall of Famers. You’ve got Deacon, Merlin, Rosey Grier and Lamar Lundy. Then Coy Bacon, Jack Youngblood, Larry Brooks.

  3. 2007 Patriots offense. Are you kidding me? Brady, Moss, Welker, Stallworth, Watson, Maroney, Faulk, even Jabbar Gaffney as your 4th receiver. Top 3 RBs averaged 4.5 yards per carry. You could do anything you wanted. But alas, they didn’t finish it off, which I contribute to a terrible game plan. But still…

  4. 2007 Bears Special Teams got 4 punt return TD’s and two KO return TD’s from Hester. Gould was great with 126 points. Maynard averaged 42 per punt. While I’d take the ’85 Bears defense too, the ’99 Rams had eleven return touchdowns. 1 KOR, 2 PR, 7 INT, 1 FUM. That’s a lot of defensive scoring.

  5. I’m not a football coach so this is a pretty stupid question. I’d love to look like a moron giving up 40 points a game coaching the 85 bears defense.

  6. I would have liked to have ran the ball with Mostert the final ten minutes of the SB for SF …

    In 1997, after winning the SB, GB let WR Andre Rison go to the Chiefs in free agency … I would have kept him and unleashed him along with Antonio Freeman and a healthy Robert Brooks at defences

  7. The Greatest show on turf. Marshall Faulk would have been fun to deploy in many different ways.

  8. If the Purple People Eaters had decent coaching, perhaps they might have won something.

  9. Favre’s first year with the Vikings. I’d tell him to run every chance he had, because nobody was expecting him too. Just as Elway beat the Packers. He would’ve picked up a first down and avoided an interception. I like Shakespeare. There wouldn’t have been a better ending in the Vikings’ favor than Favre winning a SuperBowl that year. I’m first a Packer fan and then a Favre fan. I would’ve been OK with that ending.

  10. 1950 Browns
    Just won 4 straight AAFC Championships
    1st Year in the NFL
    Being ridiculed in the NFL as “Little League”
    Facing the NFL Champion Eagles in the 1st NFL Game Ever (A Romp 35-10)
    About to finish off an unprecedented run of 10 years, 10 championships and 7 rings.

  11. Units? I’m not much for coaching units because most of them have a mind of their own. But as far as coaching NFL teams from a given year or era, the Dolphins of the early 70s would be my choice.

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