Report: Giants tell DeAndre Baker to focus on legal issues, stay away from team meetings

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The Giants’ virtual offseason program is set to continue without the participation of cornerback Deandre Baker.

Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News reports that the Giants have told Baker to stay away from the team’s meetings for the time being. The 2019 first-round pick has been advised to focus on his legal issues instead of the team’s work to prepare for the 2020 season.

Baker turned himself into authorities in Florida after a warrant for his arrrest on four counts of armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm was issued. Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar also turned himself into authorities on warrants stemming from the same incident.

Baker was released after a judge set bail at $200,000. He’s also been directed to relinquish his firearms.

19 responses to “Report: Giants tell DeAndre Baker to focus on legal issues, stay away from team meetings

  1. Giants are a mess. But atleast they have Eli Jr to lead the charge next 15 years.

  2. He was called out last year for his laziness and lack of worth ethic.
    Staying away from meetings this year wont be a problem for him.

  3. BTW, Id love Logan Ryan on the team, but unfortunately he’s primarily a slot corner. I dont think that there is a good outside corner still available, and thats what we need assuming Baker is done.

  4. Rodger needs to suspend them both 4 games right now for illegal gambling. This activity leads to gun charges, which both Baker and Dunbar are currently dealing with.

  5. Giants have won a total of 12 games in three seasons. Why would anyone have any optimism about this season?

  6. Why do teams continue to keep these types that are nothing but an embarrassment.

  7. The G-Men ignored Baker’s red flags at the combine. They wasted 3 draft picks trading up for him.

  8. There’s nothing to focus on. This case is going nowhere. The state can pursue it but with conflicting statements, it has no chance.

  9. AKA “don’t get hurt or injured so we don’t owe you any more money”

  10. Even if the gun charges and armed robbery turn out to be bogus, the illegal gambling will do him in NFL wise. The Giants have to know that. The lengths to which stupidity goes never ceases to amaze me.

  11. If this happened in Cali, these guys would maybe get an award. But being in Florida, hope they get their fair punishment.

  12. Trading up to the bottom of the first round says that the Giants thought Baker would have been the top pick or close to that on Day 2. In other words, between rounds 1 and 2 when teams re-evaluate their boards they thought Baker would stand out as someone teams had to get at the top of round 2. And I don’t get it. He lacked first round traits at 5’11 190 lbs with 4.52 40 speed and was known to be immature and not a hard worker. That was known. It’s not like his play was so dominant and aggressive to overcome his size/speed deficiencies like this years Noah Igbinoghene. I thought it was an odd trade up at the time and now it could be a real black eye.

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