Attorney: Quinton Dunbar’s relationship with DeAndre Baker mischaracterized

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The attorney for Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar continued to proclaim his client’s innocence of armed robbery charges during a radio appearance on Monday.

Michael Grieco told John Clayton of 710 ESPN Radio that Dunbar “did not do anything illegal” and was not present at a party last Wednesday night when the alleged crime occurred. Dunbar faces four counts of armed robbery with a firearm for allegedly working with Giants cornerback Deandre Baker to rob people of money, watches and other items.

Baker faces four charges of aggravated assault in addition to the same charges that Dunbar faces. Reports have indicated that the man lost some $70,000 gambling earlier in the week, but Grieco said that isn’t true for Dunbar and said that the nature of his client’s relationship with Baker has been blown out of proportion.

“Completely untrue, at least as it applies to Mr. Dunbar,” Grieco said. “Mr. Dunbar was not with Mr. Baker at any point within the week or weeks prior. I think that there’s been a complete mischaracterization as to the nature of their relationship, which is not as close as it’s been portrayed, at least initially. I can tell you they have their wires crossed on that one. I’ve already advised law enforcement that they’re completely mistaken on that.”

Dunbar turned himself into authorities in Florida on Sunday and posted a bond of $100,000 later in the day.

12 responses to “Attorney: Quinton Dunbar’s relationship with DeAndre Baker mischaracterized

  1. This has gone from partners in crime, to they didn’t do it, to they hardly know each other.

    What’s next? I have never met this man in my life?

    There’s a lot of smoke being blown in this case and it’s not by the police.

  2. What about innocent until proven guilty? I will hold off judgment unless charges are filed. Sounds a lot like a “he said, she said” kinda thing.

    Who knows? Let’s leave it to the police and the prosecutor’s office to sort out.

  3. His lawyer says Dunbar wasn’t even at the party,,,if one or multiple people proclaim that Dunbar WAS at party then his attorney video admission could be used against him,,Trying your case in the media is a risky gamble

  4. If Dunbar wasn’t present at the party when the alleged crime occurred that is one major detail that should be taken into consideration.

  5. Tomorrow the lawyer will say he’s never been to Miami or Miramar or anywhere near there.

  6. This lawyer is clearing trying to throw Baker under the bus. But you should go saying stuff unless you have proof of it, and statements are not proof. Electric forensics will be able to tell if they were together or not.

  7. ravenhawks says:
    May 18, 2020 at 6:50 pm
    What about innocent until proven guilty? I will hold off judgment unless charges are filed. Sounds a lot like a “he said, she said” kinda thing.


    Of course.. Because it is so easy to confuse weather someone put a gun in your face and demanded your valuables or not. I am sure it is all a mix up since they are obviously such fine citizens.

    Fully agree on the being proven guilty part but lets not be ignorant while protecting their rights.

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