Cuomo says New York supports sports returning, without fans

Getty Images

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has generally sounded a cautious note about when his state will be ready to reopen, but when it comes to pro sports, Cuomo is optimistic it can happen soon — as long as stadiums are empty.

Cuomo said today that New York wants to see the Bills and other pro sports teams return, but he doesn’t think plans to return should include packed stadiums.

“New York State is ready and willing to partner with major sports teams that are interested in playing games safely, without fans,” Cuomo wrote on Twitter. “If our professional sports teams can make it work (& be safe) on their end, we’re supportive.”

Cuomo indicated that baseball, basketball, hockey and football will all be able to return. The other sports would presumably return before the NFL kicks off its season, which would give the NFL some time to see what works and what doesn’t. But Cuomo seems to believe pro sports can and will get started again, relatively soon.