Jim Kelly puts pressure on Bills to win AFC East

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The Bills have done a very good job of keeping internal and external expectations reasonable in light of the departure of Tom Brady from the AFC East. Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly has broken ranks in that regard.

Asked during a recent appearance on CBS Sports Radio whether the Bills should win the division, Kelly didn’t say “the Patriots are still the Patriots” or “the Bills have to prove it on the field” or anything that keeps the target on the team to a minimum. Instead, Kelly attached the target and pointed to it.

If they don’t, then something’s wrong,” Kelly said. “Tom Brady is not there to block you anymore, so that, to me, is huge. . . .

“Now that Brady is gone, I definitely do think that the Bills are the team to beat, even though you look at the Jets, they’re getting better, Miami and Tua [Tagovailoa] coming in. I think they’re going to be better.”

Given their history, it’s easy to say that the Patriots remain the team to beat, until someone does. With AFC East championships dating back to 2003 but for the Tom Brady ACL season of 2008 (they still went 11-5 that year), the Patriots are the team to beat. And the Bills would prefer that to be the perception.

That way, Buffalo winning the AFC East would be a pleasant surprise, and failing to win it would not be regarded as a failure.

So the Bills likely would prefer that you pay no attention to Kelly’s opinion. The Patriots are the still the Patriots. The Bills have to prove it on the field. Until they do, the Patriots are the team to beat.

25 responses to “Jim Kelly puts pressure on Bills to win AFC East

  1. Jim Kelly is right, unless Josh Allen regresses they should definitely be able to win their division.

  2. Kelly is entitled to his opinion, but W’s and L’s are all that matter.

  3. Tom Brady was not the end all for the Patriots success… Belichick can win with any QB that can throw the ball 15 yards. Brady will struggle in Tampa and Belichick will continue to win… Bank on it.

  4. Brady is gone, yes. One major obstacle is out of the way.

    However, Belichick remains. He is the key master. He will decide your fate.

    Good luck.

  5. Whether they do win it or not that team in trending up right now which is awesome. They have been in the basement for years. That coach they got is doing an outstanding job and the GM also. Glad to see them rising up again. I love it, all new young blood in QB’S in that division and it should be some great games in the future.

  6. Look at what percentage of QBs become long time starters. Even fewer ever win a Super Bowl. The jury is still out on all the AFC East QBs. I would still put my money on BB with any QB until Allen, Darnold or Tua prove they can win games consistently.

  7. I wont write the Pats off yet while BB is at the helm…..he is a great coach..plans game days well, and all players are inter-changable. Folks forget just 3 or 4 years ago Brady didnt start for the first 4 weeks and he had them wining.

  8. bringbackkosar says:
    May 18, 2020 at 11:20 am
    these Bills to win the Super Bowl, just like Kelly did…uh never mind

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    these Bills to the SB, just like Kelly did 4 times in a row

  9. The entire Pats offense is in a huge transition. Brady gone, rookie TE’s, question marks at receiver, O-line struggled with injuries last year….it’s a very sketchy and we’re starting out without a normal training camp. I think the defense will be very good though. Because of all the newness on the offense, I think they’ll struggle early on and become more competitive as the season goes on. I think the AFC East is up for grabs now. No longer a Patriots lock by any means. We don’t know at this point what the Patriots are.

  10. Being the favorite to win the AFC East is very foreign to the Bills organization and its fans. That said, they better get use to it , because they have the best team in the AFC East.

  11. It wasn’t Brady that prevented the Bills from winning the division last season, it was the Patriots historic defense and special teams. Now unless Kelly believes Josh Allen has turned into Mahomes overnight, he will struggle against the Patriots defense.

  12. Winning the AFC East will be the easiest part, then it gets very hard with teams like the Texans, Colts, Titans, Ravens, Chiefs and possibly Steelers in back to back to back weeks if they advance, remember there are no easy games in the Playoffs!

  13. There’s a lot of thumbs down on these comments. I’m assuming someone logged into their 20 different accounts to do it?

  14. Tom Brady was not the end all for the Patriots success… Belichick can win with any QB that can throw the ball 15 yards.


    Belichick will be nothing without a QB who doesn’t have the skills to turn cheap, short slot receivers into play makers.

    Don’t foolishly play Matt Cassel card, that is like claiming Brady had a great season in 2019, because the offense weapons Matt Cassel had is the best Brady ever had.

  15. The division has improved, that’s a fact. It’s May, a lot will happen before a single game is played. What anyone says between now and then is meaningless.

  16. The Pats change that I think will affect them the most?

    Dante Scarnecchia retired again.

  17. these Bills to the SB, just like Kelly did 4 times in a row. Losing four superbowls in a row is nothing to be proud of lol you sound like a fool!

  18. After that kiss of death they’ll be lucky to make the playoffs.

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