Matt LaFleur “super impressed” by ex-CFL WR Reggie Begelton in offseason program

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The Packers’ decision not to draft a wide receiver this year was met with a great deal of scrutiny, but there are a couple of new faces in the receiving corps.

Former Panthers and Colts receiver Devin Funchess signed as a free agent in March and the Packers signed former CFL wideout Reggie Begelton back in January. Begelton spent the last three years in Canada after going undrafted out of Lamar and is coming off a 102-catch season for Calgary

He has not had a chance to do any on-field work with the team due to the shift to a virtual offseason program, but he has still caught the eye of head coach Matt LaFleur.

“The one thing that really stands out is you can tell he is super invested,” LaFleur said, via Rob Demovsky of “He’s done a great job at picking up everything that we’ve thrown at him. He does a great job. We’ve been quizzing these guys quite a bit, and he is repeatedly at the top. I’ve been just super impressed with his approach and just excited to see him and see what he’s got to offer on the field.”

It’s no sure thing that Begelton’s work in the team’s meetings will lead to a strong showing on the field, but more success at that point should bode well for his chances of being part of the team come the regular season.

15 responses to “Matt LaFleur “super impressed” by ex-CFL WR Reggie Begelton in offseason program

  1. In the Packer offense, it a receiver is where he is supposed to be and catches the football, he’ll get throws from #12. If he’s can be an Edelman or Welker type, the GB offense will more consistently move the chains–especially with their increased commitment to run the ball.

  2. He’ll be part of the team no doubt. Welcome aboard! There were a couple guys hurt last year, and a couple who didn’t make that jump. So there should be a place for this young man.

  3. The Packers have a reputation for turning obscure players like Donald Driver into superstar world champions, so the trail has already been blazed for Reggie.

  4. Blueprint for success after an appearance in the NFC Championship game:

    Step 1: Draft a backup
    Step 2: Draft another backup
    Step 3: Draft a 3rd stringer
    Step 4: Get your much needed additional weapon from the CFL

    Makes sense to me…. *cough*

  5. Ya and they were impressed with three receivers who made the team last year who are not on the team this year and did nada last year. Thus, must not take much to impress the coaches.
    Besides they are a running team now, something that I’m sure Rodgers is just gushing over.

  6. He will thrive with Rodgers getting all those bad calls from the refs to help the Packers win close games.

  7. LaFleur is not simply super impressed, he’s energized. I heard that’s a good thing.

  8. Impressed with his quizzing?? Well I guess with that WR depth after Adams being good at quizzing over zoom puts him at the top

  9. The Packer receivers and TE did nearly as well or better statistically than every position Viking receiver and TE. It’s a shame for trolls when measurables supersede opinions. As a result, if Packers receivers are lackluster, so are Viking receivers. If Viking receivers are top-drawer, so are Packer receivers. See how that works?

  10. Well, if hard work, intelligence, class, above average speed, great hands, and hunger have anything to do with it, you got the perfect player in Begleton. If he gets a fair shot he WILL succeed. Pack Nation is lucky to have him on board.

  11. cheeseisfattening says:
    May 18, 2020 at 3:58 pm

    Well I guess with that WR depth after Adams being good


    Even a known Purple troll recognizes the depth of the Green Bay’s wide receiver group, which allowed them to take Love in the first round..

  12. stellarperformance says:
    May 18, 2020 at 3:48 pm
    LaFleur is not simply super impressed, he’s energized. I heard that’s a good thing


    He was very happy on the conference call. I nearly cried

  13. LaFleur is not only energized ala Zimmer, he’s confident in the WR depth that outperformed the Vikings WR depth.

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