Michael Thomas, DeVante Parker tussle on Instagram

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It started innocuously, with the question of whether it’s harder to catch a pass while covered by Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore or to break up a pass while guarding Saints receiver Michael Thomas. Then, Dolphins receiver DeVante Parker chimed in.

Parker picked the Gilmore option.

Then, via BleacherReport.com, it got nuts.

“For you yes,” Thomas said to Parker. “Go run some numbers up. Then you can talk I lapped you and you been in the league longer than me first rounder.”

Said Parker, “Got some hard feeling there brotha??? Let me get targeted 300 times a game.”

Thomas was just getting started, however.

“In other words you weak they don’t even put your name in the same sentence as me remember that!” Thomas said. He then followed it with this: “You still not going to do nothing. It took you 6 yrs and 17 weeks to have a good game gtfoh blame your parents not no QB.”

The back and forth continued, but those are the highlights. At a time with few live sports, we’ll take the sports-related entertainment wherever we can get it.

28 responses to “Michael Thomas, DeVante Parker tussle on Instagram

  1. Wow, insecure much? I didn’t see exactly what his response was but seems like Parker was just giving his opinion of option A or option B and Thomas got all pissy like a kid that wants ice cream for dinner. Someone give Thomas his binky.

  2. Michael Thomas looked so weak. Never saw someone get so triggered off of a twitter comment that wasn’t even a knock on him

  3. WRs would be inclined to say Gilmore, and DBs Thomas. The general public would be inclined to side with the better player…

    … but Thomas seems very insecure here.

  4. I got your back Parker but Thomas has your number for now. Just keep doing what you did last year.

  5. Generally I think it’s harder to make a catch than breaking up a pass. I’ve only played flag football but when I was a WR I had to do 2 things. Beat my defender and actually catch the ball. When I was on defence, even if I got beat, I only had to focus on the ball to tip it or knock it down. Of course I was one of the last ones picked so my football days are getting a beat down on my fantasy teams.

  6. Two bragedosious guys who would be better served to let their play do the talking their mouths run off.

  7. Thomas only good when it doesn’t count but got shut out when it counts. Look who’s talking.

  8. Thomas comes off like a tool here. Great player, but obviously has some insecurities. FWIW Saints receivers always look great until they have to play in a different offense.

  9. Saints we’ve seen this movie before …A little advice , Beware.!!

    – The Pittsburgh Steelers

  10. I’m confused by Thomas’s 6 years 17 weeks comment. Parker has only been in the NFL for 5 years, so…seems counting isn’t a strong suit for Thomas. Good thing he has people to count his pile of money for him…though perhaps those people can start to lose a little here and there, trusting Thomas to not notice!

  11. Parker, seriously, don’t bother. The guy has issues. I think that Thomas is the best wideout in the NFL at this moment but he’s said a couple of just…odd things the last couple of years. Each time it seems to get progressively stranger.

  12. Codylaws says:
    May 19, 2020 at 12:11 am
    Thomas only good when it doesn’t count but got shut out when it counts. Look who’s talking.


    Whatever… The point is Thomas is the better of the two and Gilmore is over rated. Love how the idiots come out to comment but only comment on guys on their teams to show bias or whine about trash talk. All that matters is do they back it up on the field. Only one of these two have from day one. Thomas.

  13. You start to see who people really are when they sign huge contracts. Thomas has been shooting his mouth off since he signed his. Sad to see he is so insecure but I can see why, He didn’t show up when they needed him the most.

  14. Absolutely love watching Michael Thomas play and for my $ he may be the best in the biz.

    But good lord there may not be a more insecure player in the league. The amount of whining, griping and trash talking he does off the field (mainly on social media) is cringeworthy.

    Maybe creating friction is part of what fuels him…but it sure comes off as petty for what an immense talent he is.

  15. It seems to have taken Parker longer to have a good year than expected so there’s that. O.K. But the Thomas cheap shot at Parker’s parents shows what a weak human being he really is. A Twitter account seems to be more than Thomas can handle.

  16. I’m kinda with Parker here… Thomas would have done nothing in Miami just the same as Parker or any other receiver in that putrid offense. For like 2-3 straight years, you had Adam Gase giving Frank Gore like 20 freaking carries a game for crying out loud. That as opposed to Sean Payton, who is widely credited as being one of the best offensive minds in the game. Just sayin, that makes a HUGE difference.

  17. Thomas clearly said some things that made him look worse in response to a question that wasn’t all that comparable anyway (different positions and different outcomes).

    To address Parker though…How do you get targeted “300” times a game? Be open. Or, if you are not open, still catch the ball when everyone knows you are getting it and you are supposedly running the same route every time and everyone knows it.

  18. No doubt that Thomas is a better player to date….but he absolutely sucks at the game of Twitter……it wasn’t even a burn on him, and Gilmore is one of the best in the game. I declare Parker the winner of this Twitter war.

  19. I think Thomas is an elite WR, BUT…

    Let’s face it, Drew Brees is the master at “throwing guys open.” The most accurate QB who ever lived, playing for one of the most creative offensive HCs who ever coached…

    Parker is also a great WR, who hasn’t had the same luxuries.

    Yeah, Thomas needs to shut up.

  20. wantmytwodollars says:
    May 19, 2020 at 10:03 am
    To address Parker though…How do you get targeted “300” times a game? Be open. Or, if you are not open, still catch the ball when everyone knows you are getting it and you are supposedly running the same route every time and everyone knows it.

    I mean…to be fair…Thomas has caught passes from Drew Brees his entire career (save for a few games from Teddy B last year but he played very well), on an offense that has also featured elite playmakers like Alvin Kamara, Mark Ingram and heck…even Brandin Cooks when he was emerging. Not to mention that Sean Payton is regarding as a well above average Offensive mind.

    On the other hand…Parker has been on some downright miserable Miami teams, playing for multiple coaches and a revolving door of mediocre QBs, while also not having much around him.

    There’s zero question that Thomas is the superior talent in any way you look at it, but it isn’t like Parker found himself in anywhere near as favorable a situation.

  21. It’s stuff like this that I can’t stand about today’s players. Arguing on social media like a couple of third-graders? Grow up.

  22. Kind of like when Thomas went off on the Vikings after they beat the Saints in the playoffs, again.

    He’s a loser.

  23. And get this closing quote from Thomas: “At the end of the day, you just want your respect. I value respect.”

    Nothing says “I’m someone who deserves respect” like being a whiny moron complaining about what others do on social media, especially when (in this case) it really has nothing to do with your “respect”.

    Guy sounds more like Trump on social media than anyone who deserves respect.

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