Ravens remain under state stay-at-home order

Getty Images

The Ravens are among the 10 teams not allowed to reopen their team facility this week as they remain under a state stay-at-home order.

“Well, no, we are not reopening tomorrow,” Ravens president Dick Cass said, via the team’s Twitter account. “What the commissioner’s memo said is that teams are allowed to reopen their practice facilities on a limited basis if it is OK under state and local regulations. In Maryland, we are deemed to be an non-essential business and while Governor [Larry] Hogan eased his stay-at-home orders somewhat last week, the easing didn’t affect our status. So under local and state regulations, we remain closed, and we will remain closed until the governor permits us to open up.

“But I think it’s important to note that the opening up the NFL is permitting is a very limited one. No players will be allowed, and for the time being, no coaches will be allowed. We knew that players would not be allowed. I think some teams expected coaches to be allowed back in the building when the NFL lifted its stay-at-home order, but I think the league decided that since some teams could not reopen, it would not be fair to have teams that could reopen have their coaches back, because that might somehow give them a competitive advantage.”

The NFL ordered all team facilities shut down March 25 after stay-at-home orders already had closed some of them. Those teams that meet guidelines announced by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last week are allowed to partially reopen beginning Tuesday.