Report: Titans not planning to reopen this week

Getty Images

The Titans are eligible to reopen St. Thomas Sports Park and Nissan Stadium on Tuesday, meeting the criteria announced by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last week.

The Titans, though, will hold off at least a week before returning some staff members to the buildings, Paul Kuharsky of reports.

Some 22 of 32 teams are eligible to partially reopen beginning Tuesday, according to NFL Media, but the Broncos, like the Titans, are among those that will proceed with caution. The Broncos said they will use the extra week to ensure proper safety measures are implemented.

The NFL will continue to prohibit coaches from returning to their training facilities until every team’s state and local regulations allow for it.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel said last week he was all for the NFL’s all-or-none approach to coaching staffs.

“I don’t think it would be right for anybody to go in when some other teams couldn’t,” Vrabel said. “There’s things that make the NFL unbelievably competitive and the most popular sport, is that it is competitive. There is a draft; there is a salary cap; there’s rules that we operate under.

“I would assume that it’s only right that if a handful of teams can’t go in, then we shouldn’t either. We would be gaining an advantage on those teams that couldn’t go.”

Titans strength and conditioning coach Frank Piraino has worked with Jefferey Simmons and some other players who are rehabbing from injuries in the team facility, Vrabel said. Only players who are rehabbing are allowed in training facilities.