Former 49ers G.M. calls Joe Staley “really good,” but “he ain’t Trent Williams”

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No one knows what the 49ers had at left tackle or what they’re getting at left tackle better than Scot McCloughan.

He was the 49ers’ vice president of player personnel in 2007 when they traded up to select Joe Staley in the first round before becoming the team’s General Manager in 2008. McCloughan was Washington’s General Manager in 2015-16 while Trent Williams‘ was there.

So McCloughan knows of which he speaks.

He knows how good Staley was in a 13-season career that recently ended in retirement. The 49ers might have an upgrade in Williams, whom they traded for to replace Staley.

“Joe Staley is a really good tackle. Don’t get me wrong,” McCloughan said, via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. “But he ain’t Trent Williams. He hasn’t been Trent Williams. And won’t be Trent Williams when Trent’s career is over and you compare them.”

Staley, 35, made six Pro Bowls. Williams, 31, had earned seven consecutive Pro Bowls until not playing last season.

The 49ers traded two draft picks to Washington on April 25 to get Williams.

17 responses to “Former 49ers G.M. calls Joe Staley “really good,” but “he ain’t Trent Williams”

  1. I believe it.
    While Staley is good,I’ve never thought he was even a border-line HOFer.

  2. The most important ability is availability. Trent hasn’t been in a full season in forever,but with the year off and no testing for weed he could be comeback player of the year.

  3. Staley may not be as good as TW, but He at the very least was consistent in his availability.

  4. No kidding! Williams was, and most likely still is, elite. He’s got at least 4 more great years in him.

  5. I think Staley has a better HOF chance than people seem to think. He was on the 2010’s All-decade team with 6 pro bowls, 3 second-team All pro, 181 starts in 181 games? There are quite a few linemen in there with less than that. That said, if Trent Williams has regained his health, he’s going to be awesome and the line gets even better.

  6. People need to slow down. At their peak, Trent is probably slightly better. But, 2011-2017 Joe made the probowl 6 times and he was all-pro 3 times. Don’t make it sound like Joe wasn’t elite. He also never missed a game until last year. Since 2011, Staley has been more productive.

  7. Scot McCloughan? Did you see your 2008 draft? My grandma could have thrown darts at a draft board blinded and drunk and found more talent.

  8. Staley made all those 6 Pro Bowls with the Niners. How many is Williams likely to make with them? He can be the better overall player for his career and still be nowhere near as good with the Niners as Staley was.

  9. Williams has been hurt quite a bit the last few years. Heck, he didn’t even suit up last year. I am shocked he made 7 straight Pro Bowls prior to sitting out last year. I think his best days are behind him.

    The ‘niners will do well if they get 10-12 games a season from him.

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