Teddy Bridgewater putting in miles, with a smile on his face

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Like every other quarterback in the league, Teddy Bridgewater is forced to work out on his own because of the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s sometimes left him feeling — and being — far from home.

The new Panthers quarterback told Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America that part of his workout plan has involved riding his bike. One recent day, he pedaled from his Miami home to West Palm Beach, a 75-mile ride. He caught a train home and started planning a longer adventure.

“Just under five hours on the ride up there,” Bridgewater said. “I’m planning a 100-mile ride next.”

The long haul is a pretty good metaphor for what’s ahead of him in Carolina. He still hasn’t met his quarterbacks coach or any of his receivers, as he’s limited to throwing with an odd lot of pro and college wideouts (including Buffalo’s John Brown) as he tries to stay sharp.

But Bridgewater’s grateful for the chance in Carolina, where they actively sought him out to replace Cam Newton.

“It’s a blessing to be back in this position that I’m in,” Bridgewater said. “Having someone believe in you, having an organization that believes in you and gives you the keys and says, ‘Here, this is your opportunity,’ that’s all that I’ve asked for. I know that it’s a difficult time right now and I’m not able to be around the guys, but with technology, we can FaceTime each other. We can call each other. We can meet. Guys have questions, it’s easy to get access to each other.”

Looking for the positive in negative situations will be a central part of new coach Matt Rhule’s plan, as they try to build a team from the ground up without actually working together until training camp.

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  1. Not a Panthers or Saints fan, but I just can’t believe NO let him walk, particularly to a division rival. Last year, when Teddy was under center, most of it was pretty much shaking off 3 years of rust, nevertheless, he handily beat by multiple scores @SEA, etc. Then he threw for the 300+ yard game and 4 TD, followed by the most impressive start @CHI, when he literally trashed them on FOX game of the week (I don’t care who you are putting up 36 in CHI and routing them is impressive). It really felt like that team was starting to believe in him and he was 6-0 at that point, and looked to be getting sharper every week. Yet the entire time everyone said “wow, imagine what this team will be when Drew came back”.Just completely disregarded the leadership aspect.

    When Drew came back, yes he put up his great stats, but it was against the super easy part of the schedule (TB, ATL 2x, ARI, etc). His only tough challenge was SF at home where yes he did put up 50 points, but SF was on the east coast and had just played @BAL without going home and then going straight to NO (which they won the game anyways). Once Drew got back, it just looked like NO never had the mojo again the rest of the year.

    Which takes us to the playoff game against MIN, the fact of the matter is, Kirk didn’t win the game, Drew lost it. He threw a crucial pick before half (creating a 10+ point swing),
    and had less passing yards than taysom hill through 3 quarters (which taysom had thrown one pass). The only person who got NO back in that game was Taysom Hill, and funny, because there was a drive where they went exclusively to Taysom the entire drive, and then as soon as they put the ball back in Drew’s hands one time, he subsequently fumbled, which allowed the game to go to OT.

    Bottom line, I just can’t fathom why NO would let Teddy in his prime, where he hasn’t even hit his ceiling walk to a division rival to hold onto a HoF QB who is definitely at the tail end of the career and it shows (esp. arm strength). All Teddy does is win, and I’m super excited to watch him outperform any record the talking heads predict for CAR this season. He’s the most doubted played I’ve ever really seen and I’m not sure why (probably because he doesn’t look like Cam, but then again, neither did Brady…).

  2. This guy has looked so much happier since he got away from all that dysfunction in MN.

  3. I’m still ticked that the Vikings let him walk away. Carolina fans are going to love having Teddy as their QB, and it wouldn’t shock me to see Carolina return to the post-season.

  4. He’s an underrated player, i expect Bridgewater will play well, but Carolina’s defense is another story

  5. You know, you can map out the route so it goes in a circle. Reminds me of Michael Scott’s 5K.

  6. The Jets had Teddy Bridgewater on the roster but decided to give up one first round pick, two second round picks in 2018, another second pick in 2019 to move up in the draft to get Sam Darnold. So far Darnold has not played to the level that justifies all that draft capital they spent to get him and probably never will.

    The Saints letting Bridgewater go was an even bigger blunder than what the Jets did. Bridgewater had already proven to the Saints that he can run that offense and lead them to victory when they let him go. Not only the Saints would have made the playoffs with Bridgewater but very likely they go deeper in the playoffs with him.

  7. I wish him the best, and glad he’s a starter, but it’s gonna be tough playing on a rebuilding team. I do appreciate how good he must feel knowing the Panthers support him as a starter, as opposed to signing him then drafting another QB in the first round.

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