Ty Montgomery: Saints offer perfect opportunity to find my offensive niche

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Ty Montgomery began his NFL career as a wide receiver and moved to running back late in his second season with the Packers, but he failed to latch onto a prominent role before leaving Green Bay during the 2018 season.

He landed with the Ravens and joined the Jets last year without finding much more in the way of consistent playing time with either team. Montgomery’s next chapter is set to take place in New Orleans after he signed with the Saints last week and he said on Monday that he thinks it is the right spot for him to find his place in an offense because of how much use the Saints have gotten out of other versatile players in the past.

“Speaking with my agent, this is just a perfect opportunity for someone in my position, who basically has kind of struggled a little bit in trying to find my niche and my role in offenses, being drafted as a receiver and then moving to running back,” Montgomery said, via the team’s website. “Sort of being in different boxes and trying to figure out how to fit the best in an offense. I think the Saints Offense gives me that.”

Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray are back after serving as the team’s two leading rushers last year and the Saints signed Emmanuel Sanders to go with Michael Thomas at the top of the receiver group. Getting a full sense of how Montgomery fits alongside those players will likely have to wait until the Saints can actually get on the field.

12 responses to “Ty Montgomery: Saints offer perfect opportunity to find my offensive niche

  1. I’m a Saints fan and I must say…this team is stacked! In Sean Payton’s offense…Ty will prosper to say the very least.

  2. Good luck, Ty.

    Here’s hoping your career has a rebirth.

    In Green Bay, your decision to return a kickoff from the end zone and, then, lost fumble on the same play doomed your

  3. If your niche is bringing kickoffs out of the end zone then fumbling when you get hit, knock yourself out Ty.

  4. I think he has a chance to be successful. He’s got a real unique niche skillset – there just arent that many hybrid receiver- running backs that specialize in defying coaches instructions and fumbling kickoff returns.

  5. I am not going to pass judgment on a player based on one play. We as saints fans did not do such with Marcus Williams, same should apply to Ty.
    However,I question his skill level to better than the current starters at positions he can play. Does provide excellent depth though.

  6. Real good change of pace back on this team. He is a cut back runner, instead of hit the hole, so a line as good as the Saints will be a good match.

  7. I wish Ty well.
    He was a very classy individual during his stint in GB.
    He just never did anything exceptionally well and injuries took their toll on him.
    Maybe the tide will turn down South.

  8. I will pass judgment on one play. He disobeyed an instruction of his coach. Ergo, he cannot be trusted.

    What was your major in college, Ty?

    Better get ready to rely on it.

  9. Scapegoat for an entire team. After the Packers misused him, he was happy to get out.

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