Attorney for DeAndre Baker expects case to be dismissed

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Patrick Patel, an attorney representing New York Giants cornerback Deandre Baker, expects the case against his client on alleged armed robbery charges to be dismissed in the near future.

This case is going to be dismissed,” Patel said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “One day soon, this case is gonna be dismissed.”

Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar have both been charged with four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and Baker has also had four counts of aggravated assault levied against him as well for an alleged incident that occurred last Wednesday night at a house party in Miramar, Fla. The two players were alleged to have stolen over $70,000 worth of valuables, mainly watches, and cash from other party attendees at gunpoint.

Dunbar’s attorney has also come out strongly in support of his client and said he had obtained affidavits from the alleged victims recanting the claims they had made to police about his involvement.

“Go look at the criminal history of the victims,” Patel said. “Go look at the criminal history of Baker. You know what the score is? One hundred to zero. Baker.

“They’re ruining this kid for no reason at all, other than he was an easy mark. I believe this is an extortion to try to get money from him.”

Patel, and Dunbar’s attorney Michael Grieco, both spoke highly of the detective assigned to the case, Mark Moretti, and believe that he sees the incident for what it is.

“(He’s) a very sharp guy, he’s seeing through this whole charade,” Patel said.

15 responses to “Attorney for DeAndre Baker expects case to be dismissed

  1. His lawyer says he wouldn’t have been given bail if it were so serious. I thought lawyers knew the constitution. Reasonable bail MUST be given. It’s only in the most heinous murder cases, or severe flight risk that it isn’t, and even then they can apply. Lawyers…….

  2. Nothing new here. NFL players are young and do dumb things, like hang out with felons.

  3. (He’s) a very sharp guy, he’s seeing through this whole charade,” Patel said. But what about his playbook? I quote Dean Wermer : Zero point Zero

  4. Yeah, things sound fishy, but it’s a good thing the commenters and Twitter is so quick to judge every situation.

  5. sure it will when he pays them money the case will be dismissed when no one no long wants to press charges. Unofficial justice. I bet this lawyers have their own playbook when it comes to situation like this. Swoop in cut deals, get charges dismissed it’s a win win. A loss for justice and doing the right thing, but who cares about that as long as some people can afford to pay people and others are willing to take it.

  6. Once again, money can subvert justice. I suspect none of the witnesses will cooperate with the police any longer due to money changing hands or threats.

  7. None of us has any idea what really happened. These guys aren’t exactly NFL stars – if they actually did an armed robbery no one would be jumping through hoops to get them off. We can speculate all we want about why witness statements were recanted – witnesses are generally unreliable.

    If charges get dismissed and that’s the end of it, who cares? There’s no use crying for “justice” if there is no case. If there is no case it’s because there is no evidence. This is why The Court of Public Opinion is a foolish beast.

    Sure, bad choices were made but I’m not going to assume the worst about someone when there are no actual facts known to us.

  8. AFW AFW says:
    None of us has any idea what really happened. These guys aren’t exactly NFL stars –
    Baker was a #1 pick and slated to make almost 2.3M this year. You don’t need to be a star to get treatment. If it bothers you that money can buy justice good for you. Just hope someday that someone doesn’t cross your path that has money, then again maybe that is what you want. I am guessing you might take the money then.

  9. Dunbar and Baker clearly did not heed Cris Carter’s advice to make sure that you have a Fall Guy, in just such an emergency.

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