Attorney: Person accused of sexually assaulting Cody Latimer’s son was at poker game

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Washington wide receiver Cody Latimer appeared at a court hearing on Monday concerning his arrest on five charges, including multiple felonies, after an incident at a poker game over the weekend.

According to the police report, the game broke up after Latimer and another man had an altercation. Latimer is accused of returning later with a gun that he fired twice before using it to hit another man on top of the head.

At Monday’s hearing, Latimer’s attorney Harvey Steinberg told the court, via, that law enforcement informed him of an investigation into an alleged sexual assault of Latimer’s 4-year-old son is going on. He added that an individual accused of perpetrating that assault was present at the initial party and that the allegations about that assault occurred at “about the same time and location” as the alleged shooting incident.

Latimer is due for another hearing on July 24. He’s facing charges of assault in the second degree, menacing, illegal discharge of a firearm, prohibited use of weapons and reckless endangerment.

27 responses to “Attorney: Person accused of sexually assaulting Cody Latimer’s son was at poker game

  1. Two wrongs don’t make it right. Child molesters get no pity from anyone though when a parent confronts them. If allegations are true regarding the molestation, Latimer won’t be convicted by a jury anywhere.

  2. If it’s true, he should have taken care of it right there not leave and come back with a gun. And if true, that guy should not have walked out of there breathing on his own.

  3. Everyone was quick to judge this whole situation, and these types of situations in general. I’m gonna wait for the facts to come out.

    If what he is saying is true, a lot of us would think about hurting an adult that harmed our children. Doesn’t make it right…but you can understand it. Either way…let the facts come out and let him be judged by a jury based on the facts.

  4. Normally I don’t care about excuses.
    This one certainly swayed my opinion

  5. So this happened at party? Allegedly? IF this is true…Can you blame him for losing it? Someone sexually abuses your 4yr old – a lot of us would prob take it a step further than even Lattimer. Again, if this is true, then free the man and drop all charges

  6. Wow, does he even want that news out that his son, 4 yrs old, was sexually assaulted? I know journalists want a story…but that doesn’t need to be broadcast does it? That poor child has been through enough as it is wihout everyone needing to know. He can choose to share when he is comfortable sharing.

  7. Nothing better than a poker game in the middle of a pandemic. Cards,chips & money being continually passed around. Throw in a dealer who licks his thumb now and then. Great idea.

  8. Me yesterday-“there is literally no excuse for this behavior, lock Latimer up”
    Me today -“Ok, that’s a good excuse. Too bad the other guy is still alive.”

  9. A FOUR YEAR OLD???? MY GOD. (if those charges are true)… Lock that guy up forever as far as I’m concerned. And let all the inmates know what he did, too

  10. What in the world is going on? NFL needs to come back asap for the sake of the players.

  11. If the charges are true then I feel for Latimer. How do you control your rage if something like that happened to you son? Unfortunately he couldn’t keep it bottled up.

  12. Well that is a good excuse to try and use when you start shooting up a room. Weird people.

  13. Keep in mind that in today’s climate it’s extraordinarily easy to throw out allegations to sway public opinion, gain leverage in divorce, or exact revenge for whatever reason.

  14. Regardless, you can’t respond like he did. That’s why we have the legal system. A loaded weapon is not a toy.

  15. It doesn’t matter if his son was assulted it doesn’t excuse what he did and he should go to jail, the cops should have been called before Latimer ever left, but to leave and go get a gun and then come back and use it also shows premeditation, he thought about what he did before doing it. This isn’t the wild west and vigilante justice isn’t OK, both parties need to go to the big house and Latimer should have played his last game in the NFL no matter how good he is or if what he says is true!

    I know most here will give me a thumbs down but they’re wrong and don’t realize how things work in the real world, Latimer is just as guilty as the accused sexual predator and “IF” the allegations are true he’s still going to jail, though he’ll probably get a reduced sentence but make no mistake he’ll still do time, they won’t let him off scott-free because they still want to send a message that this kind of thing ISN’T OK!

    Say bye-bye to your NFL career!

  16. If this is an accurate representation of the event, I don’t see Latimer getting any jail time…they won’t even give jail time to convicted child molesters.

    Again, if this is the way it went down, I respect him for not killing the perv.

  17. If that is true, and you want to hurt that man, you leave and stay gone. You get him when no one is around. Or pay someone else to do it when this dude is walking down the street or something. To pull a gun on the guy in front of a bunch of people didn’t get you what you wanted and hurt your career.

  18. Something is missing in this lawyer’s story, and that’s WHEN law enforcement supposedly told Latimer that this poker-party guy was being investigated for assaulting Latimer’s son.

    The way the incident has been described, Latimer was at this poker game, and at some point he got into an altercation with the guy, left, came back with the gun, etc. So why didn’t the altercation begin the instant Latimer saw this guy? Are you really going to sit down and play poker with a guy who you’ve been told is a suspect in an assault on your kid? Or is somebody claiming that Latimer was informed of this fact by law enforcement while the game was going on? Something doesn’t smell right here.

  19. I think people need to hold their breath before jumping to conclusions. The only thing we know for sure right now is that there was a whole lot of stupid going on.

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