Blocked by Big Ben on Twitter? You’re hardly alone

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The recent video of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisbeger throwing passes and ultimately getting his Yukon Cornelius beard removed was posted to his Twitter page. Which, for plenty of Twitter users, made it impossible to watch.

It was impossible to watch because the official Ben Roethlisberger Twitter account has blocked, indiscriminately and perhaps randomly, hundred if not thousands if not tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Twitter users. (Click the link to see if you’re among the blocked.)

Roethlisberger has explained that he doesn’t run the accounts, but that’s a lame excuse. They’re his accounts. Whether he’s the one blocking accounts or someone else is doing it, they’re his accounts. And he knows that the person running his accounts has a hair trigger when it comes to pressing the block button.

“I don’t do Twitter, that’s the funny thing,” Roethlisberger told Scott Van Pelt in 2017, after Van Pelt asked about his own blocked status. “I do not do my Twitter. I do not do Insta — whatever all that stuff is now. It’s not me.

“There is an awesome, awesome woman, Erin [Cox] who runs my website, who does all that stuff for me. And she is one of the nicest, sweetest people around. And if you say something bad, you’re gonna get blocked, I guess. I have nothing to do with it. That’s the funniest part.”

Again, Ben owns the accounts. He could tell Erin to lighten up, Francis. Besides, Ben’s account blocks people who have never even mentioned him, good, bad, or otherwise.

Simms is among the unblocked. Earlier today on PFT Live, we were discussing strategies for getting on Ben’s good side. Simms admitted that he’s a suck-up, a teacher’s pet. So he offered Ben an apple.

“He doesn’t eat apples,” I responded. “Here’s an apple pie. And a gallon of ice cream. And a keg of beer. Now unblock me.”

It didn’t work.

13 responses to “Blocked by Big Ben on Twitter? You’re hardly alone

  1. The NFL, for as long as I can remember, has been a QB league. There have been a lot of stud QB’s, and then are the real elite HOFers. Big Ben is one of those. Love him or hate him, he has brought home the gold on more than one occasion. When he steps on the field, you know your team isn’t going to be out-played at the QB position, and that’s a very nice advantage to hold.

  2. I’m in, But I wanted to support you Mike. I immediately blocked him. 😂

  3. Ben is such a jerk that it is easy to say bad stuff about him. He can’t take what he deserves.

  4. Have to say, I was disappointed to see that I hadn’t been blocked. I’ve never come across his Twitter (who would want to?), but that didn’t stop me from hoping that he/she would have proactively blocked me.

  5. What is truly remarkable isn’t that Florio is blocked, but that Simms is not.

  6. I don’t do Twit or any other social media. I have no time for your life. I don’t care if you know about mine. My real friends are ones that eat dinner with me. Same with family. If we aren’t eating together, we aren’t friends.

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