Brandin Cooks: Texans stacked with special receivers

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The Texans no longer have DeAndre Hopkins. They will have to find a way to replace the 97 catches, 1,300 yards and nine touchdowns he averaged the past six seasons.

It will help if Will Fuller can remain healthy.

Brandin Cooks, who arrived in a trade, and Randall Cobb, who signed in free agency, also will help.

The passing offense, though, no longer will go through one receiver. Instead, Fuller, Cooks, Cobb, Kenny Stills, Keke Coutee and others all will contribute and share the load.

“You know I look at it from the standpoint of first and foremost you talk about a guy in Hopkins who is just a special player,” Cooks told James Palmer of NFL Media. “So you look at it and there’s no question on why you want to continue to get the ball to him because he makes things happen. But now I think what we have is we have so many special guys in this room who can do it all. One of the biggest things I’ve always thought as a receiver is when you’re stacked on a team with multiple receivers, you have a better chance of winning consistently and going far, because you can never just key on one guy. I think that unselfishness in the room I feel for the guys already is going to do us justice in the long run for sure.”

Cooks, 26, had a streak of four consecutive 1,000-yard seasons ended last season when made 42 catches for 583 yards and two touchdowns in 14 games with the Rams.

8 responses to “Brandin Cooks: Texans stacked with special receivers

  1. Maybe the softest receiving corp in the league, doubt any of them suit up for fourteen or more games. Hope they prove me wrong.

  2. There is a reason Cooks is on his fourth team. One big hit away from retirement.

  3. Cooks is a nice person, but he has a future in public relations.

    That’s because the truth is the loss of Hopkins for a 2nd round draft choice (and the addition of the woeful, burdensome contract of David Johnson) is one of the worst, one-sided trades in recent NFL history.

    Talk about falling on the sword for your team…..that’s the nice gesture Cooks performed on behalf of his coach/GM.

  4. Houson is stacked with special receivers, that’s why they threw away an elite DeAndre Hopkins for an expensive broken down RB.

    BOB is such a genius for putting together such a special receiving group?


  5. Coach William James “Bill” O’Brien has assembled the deepest WR room in the league…

    Isaac Whitney
    19 WR 6-2 204 25 2 USC

    Kenny Stills
    12 WR 6-1 202 28 8 Oklahoma

    Tyler Simmons
    86 WR 6-0 201 N/A R Georgia

    Steven Mitchell Jr.
    11 WR 5-10 186 26 2 USC

    Chad Hansen
    17 WR 6-2 202 25 2 California

    Will Fuller V
    15 WR 6-0 184 26 5 Notre Dame

    Keke Coutee
    16 WR 5-11 180 23 3 Texas Tech

    Isaiah Coulter
    82 WR 6-3 190 21 R Rhode Island

    Brandin Cooks
    13 WR 5-10 183 26 6 Oregon State

    Randall Cobb
    18 WR 5-10 195 29 10 Kentucky

  6. It will help if Will Fuller can remain healthy.

    He’s missed 22 games out of 64 and hasn’t put in a full season yet, so what makes anyone think he will now? He’s worse the Miles(My Hammie Hurts) Austin!

  7. After watching highlights of the Chief’s receivers, I have to say having lots of receivers mean nothing if they can’t outrun an old woman. There was some discussion about Dakota having more yards per pass in the air and that Patrick Mahommes padded his stats because his receivers could actually run with the ball. Patrick is a mobile missile launcher who makes plays happen. Dakota is a running back who thinks he can throw and makes throws. He doesn’t make his team better – and in his four years, he is essentially a 9-7 level of QB – take out the gimmick year of 13-3 and Dakota is surprisingly Kirk Cousinesque.

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