Eagles sign sixth-rounder Prince Tega Wanogho

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Eagles head coach Doug Pederson spent some time discussing the team’s offensive tackles on a Tuesday conference call, but sixth-round pick Prince Tega Wanogho’s name didn’t come up.

Wanogho made some news a bit later in the day, however. The Eagles announced his signing on a Tuesday afternoon conference call.

Wanogho grew up in Nigeria and took up football after moving to the United States as a teenager. He started for three seasons at Auburn, but had to have knee surgery that kept him from taking part in the Senior Bowl or the Scouting Combine earlier this year.

The Eagles have Lane Johnson at right tackle and are set to start 2019 first-rounder Andre Dillard at left tackle, although Pederson said Tuesday that they’ve kept in contact with Jason Peters.

6 responses to “Eagles sign sixth-rounder Prince Tega Wanogho

  1. Eagles making all kinds of news today, just blowing up the treads. Looking like a Dynasty in the making. Dynasty for mediocrity.
    Eagles you know that im just playing around. I can never go after the Giants or Skins because they have their own battles going on for the basement again.
    But come on say it with me ….. We are LOADED with talent and you guys do envy that, no its okay we already know that you do.
    wait for it . .. ..


  2. CALIZCOWBOYZ, most of us can definitely take a little trash talking, so I dont mind it. But I would appreciate it if you could drop the CALIZ from your user name. It’s not a good look for me and the rest of the state of cali. And I dont think you can say your team is loaded with talent. Maybe athleticism, but with such a severe lack of heart, I myself cant consider them “talented”. They had the #1 offense in the nfl and couldnt even make the postseason and lost the division to a football version of the bad news bears.

  3. bird2urmother says:
    May 19, 2020 at 3:04 pm

    bro I cant change my user name. it is who i am. that would be like me asking you to take the word MOTHER out of your name because it is offensive to moms everywhere. but i could never ask that because this is how i know and recognize you.

    and i disagree, i think it is a great look for the state of cali. bro i think that there is more cowboy fans here then there are in texas lol. in fact i think that there are more cowboy fans in philly then there are philly fans. cowboy fans pretty much own the country, your lucky to be a part of us. ur welcome.

  4. Caliz, you know what’s gonna happen. You’re going to lose the division on the last game of the year like you always do to the BEAST OF THE EAST E A G L E S! 25 years bro. You’re getting old waiting…

  5. Caliz, remember the last game of last season? I do! So do the rest of the Cowboy fans. Bwahahahahaha!. Oh yeah, how bout dem Boys, they’ve won what, ZERO in the last several DECADES? Wha?? Gettin’ kinda chesty there.


  6. This kid has loads of potential, a steal where he was drafted, he was ,ocked multiple times to the 2nd or 3rd, nice pick up

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