Nate Sudfeld not expecting drama in Eagles quarterback room

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When the Eagles used a second-round pick on quarterback Jalen Hurts, it created a lot of reasonable questions about what it meant for the future of Carson Wentz and the position in general.

But having been in the room with Wentz, Nate Sudfeld‘s not expecting it to be a problem.

The Eagles’ backup quarterback said on the team’s podcast he was told there was a chance another quarterback would be joining him and Wentz, so he didn’t take the drafting of Hurts as a surprise.

Everyone kind of makes it dramatic or a big deal,” Sudfeld said, via Dave Zangaro of “But once you’re kind of in that quarterback room, it’s a lot of helping each other out and everyone just getting better. It’s never really weird at all. Just looking forward to getting back into the room together with guys and getting to work.”

Sudfeld has shared the quarterbacks room with veterans such as Nick Foles and Josh McCown along with Wentz, and said the atmosphere has always been productive.

Of course, drafting Hurts probably will have the most immediate impact on Sudfeld rather than Wentz. Sudfeld came back on a one-year deal this offseason, and while the lack of offseason practice probably gives a known commodity a bit more job security, they didn’t draft Hurts so he could be their third quarterback for long.

7 responses to “Nate Sudfeld not expecting drama in Eagles quarterback room

  1. Sudfeld knows his role in this league, as a journeyman, he will make a LOT of money being a good teammate.

  2. Please trade Carson back to his favorite team when he was growing up… the Vikings.

  3. Yeah, no one was expecting the Titanic to hit an iceberg either. Trouble brewing in Philly, even if it’s underneath the surface.

  4. The Hurts pick was a wasted opportunity. There were plenty of players that could have had made a first year impact on the Eagles team, CB, Safety or LB just to name a few. Hurts won’t pay dividends any time soon and in the best case scenerio won’t play for the Eagles over the course of his first 4 years in the league.

    As for Sudfield, well you could have stamped “Backup Journeyman” on his forward coming into the league. Honestly if Hurts is the #2 in waiting, I don’t know what value Sudfield presents to the team. They would be better off signing a seasoned veteran to be a mentor to Hurts and an advisor to Wentz, someone like Joe Flacco who could manage a 1 – 3 game stretch if need be in an instance of a short injury to Wentz, but could also be a voice in the QB room in case a longer injury occurred and the team turned to Hurts.

    Sudfield on this roster at this point makes almost no sense whatsoever.

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