Patriots remain the betting favorites to land Cam Newton

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Despite the increased talk around the NFL that the Patriots are satisfied heading into the season with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer as their quarterbacks, Cam Newton‘s name keeps coming up.

The betting odds at Draft Kings still have the Patriots as the team most likely to end up with Newton for the 2020 season.

Via WEEI, the Patriots’ odds to sign Newton are at +300. The Steelers are next at +500, followed by a reunion with Ron Rivera in Washington at +700. The Cardinals and Ravens are at +800.

It’s unclear what Newton is looking for in a free agent offer. If he’s willing to sign somewhere to be a backup, he’d likely have multiple offers. But of the teams listed above, New England would seem to be the place where Newton would have the best chance to win the starting job.

Newton may also be thinking that he should wait until closer to the season, when a team with a quarterback injury suddenly makes him a better offer than he’s getting right now. That might be his best bet, because at the moment he doesn’t appear to have many good options.

22 responses to “Patriots remain the betting favorites to land Cam Newton

  1. If he doesn’t mind a minimum salary w/ incentives and can find himself a role on special teams — sure, why not?

  2. Really trying to grasp why “Cam Newton to the Patriots” is a thing?

    First, they dont have the money to sign him. They just dont. That has to be factor number one in my book.

    Second, is the obvious, could his somewhat unusual style, and “me first” attitude mesh with “the Patriot” way. I personally dont know him, and perhaps the reports of his personality are untrue, I cant say, just know what has been said about him.

    And last, Newton is not a long term solution for the Patriots. He would be a bridge. So if the Patriots feel strongly about Stidham, and they have done nothing to say otherwise, why the heck would they bring in Newton?

    None of the Newton to New England stuff makes any sense. Hasnt made sense. Wont make sense.

  3. All you have to do is watch one of this clown’s goofily attired pressers and realize he’d never fit under BB. Cam is a clown, and a loser too worried about his pretty face to dive for a loose ball IN A SUPER BOWL! Even if they signed him the guy wouldn’t last the season under BB. Crazy.

  4. So was Red Rocket before he replaced Dak in Dallas… Scam is NOT a player that would have success in NE. He’s selfish, me first, and a crybaby. NE is perfectly happy with Stidham.

  5. Patriots fans should get ready for Andrew Luck next year … you heard it here first.

  6. This makes no sense at all for reasons others have mentioned, not sure why this narrative keeps popping up. Plus, the last guy I’d ever want to see join the Patriots is this clown.

    No thanks.

  7. Get those Auburn QB’s. The betting favorite? Well, they’ve been wrong almost every time, so I’d say they’re due to get one right.

  8. This makes zero sense for all the reasons listed above. I’m not sure why this story continues to pop up here. Plus, BB has gone all-in with Stidham and Hoyer so why would he sign Cam even if they did have the cap space. BB isn’t going to sign anyone and admit Stidham isn’t the guy….he’s too arrogant for that.

    Why would any team sign an oft-injured, running QB who has only passed for more than 250 yards per game once–in his rookie season. There are questions about his health, questions about his arm, questions about what he wants, and who knows what else. If you were a team, why would you sign Cam instead of signing a young QB who could benefit from having a year to learn and who might be of some value in the future. I think it’s safe to say Cam’s value is on the downside of his career. I’d be shocked if anyone signs him even if some QBs get injured. Dalton got cut and it didn’t take him long to find a team. Cam got cut and nobody wants him.

  9. That picture pretty much sums up Cam’s stellar throw from your back foot mechanics.

  10. Best move for Cam is to sign with the Pats regardless of the dollars. Cam needs to be a starting QB in order to restore his value. Numerous players have done just that with the Pats. Cam is still young by QB standards, but he needs to play this season. If he waits for a quarterback injury,then he will be going into a cold situation which would hamper his effectiveness. Cam, make the call to BB now.

    Man, the off season gets old!!!!

  12. If they weren’t interested in Dalton for what he signed for, they aren’t paying $20M+ for a fumbler who backs away from the live ball and cries after losses.

    I’m guessing the NFL news cycle is slow with no ota/offseason and post draft. I’m frankly sick of reading it. Its practically a meme at this point. Pic of Stidham with “Hope” on it, and a pic of Newton with “Nope” on it.

    And the pats have what…$1M-2M in salary cap space?

  13. Draft Kings have no clue with this particular wager. I would like to bet the opposite- that Cam will never play for the Patriots. Make some odds for that to happen

  14. Exactly where is the money they need to sign him coming from? They still haven’t signed their top draft pick Kyle Duggar because they don’t have the cap space. They need to redo some contracts to even do that. Plus they’ll never find out what Stidham has this year if Newton is the starter. Newton wouldn’t last a week in New England.

  15. Cam could not even last for one more year on his team that is in a rebuilding mode and some thinking they will be possibly tanking this year for a high draft next year. With all that said and Rhule porbably having one of the toughest up hill climbs EVER for a first year coach. Then why would anyone actually think this guy can land on a good team. Come on man he is washed up. I know a lot do not want to hear the truth but that is where we are at. Oh and Jacksonville of all teams picked another player for the back up QB, who should be out of the league himself.

  16. BB will demand Newton spend an hour each day learning how to recover a fumbled football

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