Ryan Fitzpatrick: I’m Tua’s biggest cheerleader, but I want to play

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The big question for much of the Dolphins offseason was whether they’d pick a quarterback early in the first round and they answered it by selecting Tua Tagovailoa.

With Tagovailoa in the fold, the big question now has to do with when Tagovailoa is going to take over the starting job. Ryan Fitzpatrick is in line for that role right now and he discussed how he’ll welcome Tagovailoa to the team while appearing on  former Bills teammate Eric Wood’s podcast.

Fitzpatrick said he’s excited the Dolphins drafted Tagovailoa and that he’s “an open book” for anything that the rookie might want to ask him, although he’d prefer that his new teammate learn while watching for a while.

“I’m his biggest cheerleader right now, but I also want to be out there playing,” Fitzpatrick said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I also want to be on the field, and that’s why I’m still doing it is because I still enjoy playing the game. Hopefully some of the lessons I’m able to teach him are him watching me play, but if it’s the other way around I’m going to do my best to help him succeed the best way he can.”

Fitzpatrick’s experience and Tagovailoa’s extended layoff after last year’s hip injury would seem to give the veteran a clear leg up on making sure Tagovailoa is learning through observation at the start of the year.

32 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick: I’m Tua’s biggest cheerleader, but I want to play

  1. To me it’s simple. There’s no way in hell Tua should be the opening day starter. The guy is coming off a freaking injury probed 3 years at Bama. The guy needs to heal as much as he can

  2. Not sure Fitz’s game play is one you want your young Qb learning. He has lots of bad habits on the field.

  3. Fitz is good for a hot streak every year, I know, I’m a Bucs fan. Ride that wave until he screws up once, then through Tua in there. You guys should know the Fitz drill by now.

  4. No lie, Fitz has the right temperament for a mentor QB. Tua has a long career in front of him if he stays healthy and continues to develop as a passer on the pro level and Fitz is the right kind of mentor.

    His career has been one of highs and lows (as far as journeymen go), but he is a realist and knows that he is stop gap solution in Miami.

  5. There is 0 need to rush a rookie QB onto the field in a rebuilding year. While I’m sure he will play at some point this year ideally you’d just let him redshirt this season, learn the playbook, and then turn the keys over to him next year with all of these other rookies/new FAs experienced in the playbook and with each other in practice.

  6. Fitzpatrick will be going to the HOF for putting down the Patriots dynasty once and for all

  7. Ftiz understands the business of football. He was never the long-term answer in Miami, and he knows he’s got more games behind him than he does in front of him. He’ll definitely get his playing time this year, but he’s also keenly aware that passing the torch to Tua is one of the things that’s expected from him at some point in 2020.

  8. Fitztragic…he plays like a gunslinger, which is why teams give him chances to start. He’s not a starter though, amazing backup to have

  9. Fitzpatrick’s play can be anything from brilliant to downright head scratching (in the same game), but he’s always been a class act. And I’d be happy to have him as my backup QB any day of the week.

  10. Rosen should play before Tua unless he hasn’t improved at all since last season or gets traded.

  11. Some of the lessons learned are how to throw costly interceptions, particularly in the redzone.

  12. “To be the man,you have to beat the man.”
    Ric Flair.
    Don’t try to keep a starting job because you want to, do it because you beat him out.
    If you do he is going to learn, if not maybe you can learn from him.
    But younger stronger & faster has it’s advantages.

  13. Curious… most of us would agree that Frank Gore is one of the most durable, long lasting RB’s in NFL history right?…. how many of you know he tore his ACL TWICE in college? (food for thought)

  14. It seems like his entire career has been teams trying to figure out a way to replace him. Yet Fitz shows up again and again just doing his thing and being the best teammate he can be, regardless of the situation. It’s too damn bad his game has always been so streaky. He’s either throwing for 300+ yards a game or tossing 3+ interceptions a game.

  15. One day, they will make a movie about Fitzpatrick’s career. Many people don’t know this cat has 15 years in the league and has thrown touchdown passes for 8 different teams. And right now, he is the Dolphins starter.

    How many first round QB’s has this guy left in the dust? He has more wins than Andrew Luck! Some things just refuse to go away. Then again, he did go to Harvard.

    Signed, Patriots fan.

  16. An old bearded cheerleader is every QB’s dream come true. Mine as well

  17. One thing we can count on if Fitz is in the game he will sling the ball down field.

  18. Eagles fan here. Fitz has been a thorn on our side for years. Great mentor and his teammates respect him.

  19. For Tua’s sake, he better hope Fitz does beat him out in camp or the Dolphins decide to take it slow with him. He needs all the rest and healing he can get, and sitting and learning at least a year will be a huge benefit for his career.

  20. I’m all for Tua – but let the lughead take all the beating so Tua can watch and see “how not to play the game”. Watching the beard will be a good education on what not to do.

  21. Um Fitz wants to start and yet,his teammates are working together to get the new offense down while he’s nowhere to be seen. Tom Brady is going through routes with his receivers voluntarily, and Fitz is volunteering to stay home. When is Miami going to get a leader on offense that wants to win so bad they are constantly preparing to. Miami receivers are working right now to be ready for our new offense and none of our Quarterbacks are working with them. No commitment!

  22. want Fitz to get hot so he can break out the gold chain, just don’t hammer my pats again.

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