Antonio Gandy-Golden “100 percent now” after COVID-19 diagnosis

Getty Images

Washington rookie wide receiver Antonio Gandy-Golden is the third known NFL player to have tested positive for COVID-19, but he said in a statement he’s fine now.

In a statement from his agent, via Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the fourth-rounder said he’s recovered well.

“During my pre-draft training, I tested positive for COVID-19 on March 24,” he wrote. “My symptoms thankfully were mild, but I self-quarantined for two weeks and followed all guidelines from health experts.”

He said he felt “100 percent now,” and was ready to go.

Of course, teams aren’t working out now specifically so people who might test positive. The league has acknowledged that positive tests are inevitable when players congregate again, and now the challenge is figuring out how to keep those positives from multiplying.