Dave Toub not sure how much returning Mecole Hardman will be doing

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The Chiefs drafted Mecole Hardman in the second round last year because they thought he could make big plays for them on offense and on special teams.

Hardman proved them right on both fronts. He scored six touchdowns and averaged 20.7 yards on his 26 catches while also returning a kickoff for a touchdown on special teams. Hardman averaged 26.1 yards on kickoff returns and 9.3 yards on punt return, but special teams coordinator Dave Toub sounds like he’ll be considering other options in those roles.

Toub said on a Tuesday conference call that a bigger offensive role for Hardman may limit his availability for the kicking game.

“I’m not sure about Hardman. I don’t want to lose him. I think he’s just scratched the surface as a returner,” Toub said, via James Palmer of NFL Media.

The Chiefs have their top three wideouts back from last season, so there may not wind up being a radical change in his offensive role once the team is able to sort things out on the field. If that’s the case, Toub may not have to ramp up the search for a new weapon in the return game just yet.

3 responses to “Dave Toub not sure how much returning Mecole Hardman will be doing

  1. With some more size and strength added, Hardman can be a Tyreek Hill clone. I believe he’s faster than Hill, but he needs to add more strength and become physical like Tyreek. Watch the 1st game against the Titans last year, the Mahomes jump pass to Hardman was special. Hardman ran 50 yards in 5 seconds, IN PADS!

  2. Hardman was Awesome as a Rookie. He made some true highlight real plays. I think he will be an even more Amazing receiver for the Chiefs in 2020.

  3. With Watkins coming back, Hardman needs to continue on special teams as well. His play helped spark the comeback against the Texans in the playoffs. He will get better as a receiver but needs to stay utilized.

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