Glazer: Taysom Hill will be “the guy” after Drew Brees

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Saints quarterback Taysom Hill has become an oddly polarizing figure in NFL circles. Naysayers point to a limited track record at quarterback. Supporters rely on the impact he has whenever he enters a game.

The biggest question regarding Hill relates to whether he’ll succeed Drew Brees as the starting quarterback in New Orleans. Naysayers say no way, given the team’s constant search for a primary backup to Brees other than Hill. Supporters look to the two-year, $21 million contract he signed early this year as proof that, come 2021, Hill will be the king.

So what does Jay Glazer think?The FOX NFL insider was recently asked in a Q&A column for whether Hill is the guy, or whether it’s just a smokescreen.

No smokescreen, he’s the guy,” Glazer writes. “Sean Payton loves him but it’s not just him, the whole team loves him, not just Sean Payton. Watch a Saints game. When he’s in the game, watch the other players on the sideline, watch their reaction. They all get up and stand on the sidelines to watch him. I think Sean was always hoping to unleash him on the league without anyone seeing him before but now we’ve seen it with Lamar Jackson. He’s a bigger Lamar Jackson. No, it’s not a smokescreen. He likes him that much, he’ll be the guy. He’s with the perfect coach for that.”

The current thinking is that Brees will play one more year, and that Hill will then take over with an offense designed for his unique skills. Whether it works or not remains to be seen. The fact that Payton, an offensive mastermind, has faith in Hill should answer the question.

The naysayers will, for whatever reason, cross their arms and insist on hard proof that Hill can get it done before they’ll reluctantly admit that the guy who was the best player on the field for either team in the Vikings-Saints playoff game is the real thing.

21 responses to “Glazer: Taysom Hill will be “the guy” after Drew Brees

  1. You would think Saints would have gone with him instead of Teddy last year when Brees was out. I don’t believe this at all.

  2. He’ll already be 30 by the time the season starts, 31 by the timer he becomes a starter (if this is true). he’ll need to adapt to throwing fast before his athleticism starts to fade. He won’t have a decade to become a pocket passer, and every year they will need to shop for a viable prospect. If I were a saints fan, I’d rather see a 21 year old in this “future starter” talk than a 30 year old.

  3. In 4 seasons Wentz has 0 playoff wins 48 Fumbles. He is 7-20 vs teams over 500. He has no heart no desire to win he has the IQ of a potato. His teammates hate him they want foles. Wentz has started 5-6 in 3 of his first 4 seasons. Foles is 24-6 in his last 30 games as an Eagle

  4. Haters are still calling Lamar Jackson a RB. At least Hill is the “right” skin color for the job in the haters’ opinions.

  5. Taysom is a great player wherever you put him on the field. The biggest question about him isn’t whether he’ll take over for Brees one day – it’s whether he can survive as an every down player.

  6. Get paid millions to sit on the bench and be loved by your team mates for your potential. Why screw that great job up by actually starting?

  7. Laughable. These gimmick qbs don’t last. The arrogance of using a run based qb is amazing.

  8. He’s the guy til he plays full time QB, then we will see if he’s the guy not while he’s a swiss army knife….

  9. Hill is great as a Swiss army knife, but I don’t buy the idea that he can be a full time NFL QB. People seem to think he’s comparable to Lamar Jackson as a runner/thrower, but the facts don’t support that. Just compare their final seasons in college.

    Hill: 2,300 yds passing, 12 td’s/11 int’s, plus 603 yds & 8 td’s rushing.
    Jackson: 3,600 yds passing, 27 td’s/10 int’s, plus 1,600 yds & 18 td’s rushing.

  10. The reason why Taysom didn’t start when Drew was out is the Saints offense is geared for a pure pocket passer in Drew Brees. Taysom and Drew are totally different style quarterbacks. They would have to drastically change the offense to fit Taysom’s skill set. Glazer is right.

  11. Between the Saints and the media, who keeps saying that Hill is Brees’ heir apparent? This story came out of nowhere last season and keeps coming up.

    I don’t follow the Saints closely, but seems sufficiently nuts that they’d believe this that it has to be coming from somewhere else. Even though they have very different styles, the best analogy I can think of would be if the Steelers FO suddenly started pushing Devlin Hodges as the next QB in Pittsburgh. They’re both unproven UDFAs that you’d be asking to take over for HoF caliber franchise QBs.

  12. Sean Payton will bring in a veteran QB and let Hill walk if he wants to. Look what Sean and Mickey did to Teddy Bridgewater. I hate to say it, but the veteran QB might already be on the team! Lets see if Sean Payton can coach up maturity.

  13. Bridgewater wasn’t very good, the entire team carried him, he was an extreme burden. almost all those games where won by field goals and defense. If the offensive line didn’t give him so much time it would have been MUCH worse. Go back and watch those games you will see what im talking about. Guy chokes worse than tony romo. TH Would have gotten those snaps i think we would have seen much different outcomes and people would be saying much different things currently.

  14. Taysom Hill will be 30 when the season starts. Big deal. The average length of service for a starting NFL quarterback is three years. Hill is probably the best conditioned QB in the league. He should be able to play until he is 36. Hill has thrown exactly 13 more NFL passes than Joe Burrow or any other rookie. How many of his six touchdowns last year came on “gadget” plays? I’ll wait. Hill could be an all-pro at several different skill positions, but he sees himself as a quarterback. Apparently, so does Sean Payton or the Saints wouldn’t have given him a $21M contract and let Teddy walk. Oh, and if Hill had filled in for Brees when he was injured, who would have taken Hill’s place in the offense (about 25% of the playbook)? Bridgewater? Glazer is right. Hill will be NO’s next starting quarterback.

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