Landon Collins enthusiastic about coaching changes in Washington

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Safety Landon Collins hasn’t had a chance to work on the field with the new coaching staff of the Washington Redskins in person. However, that doesn’t mean they haven’t already made a strong positive impression on Collins.

Collins spent just five games under previous Washington head coach Jay Gruden before Gruden was let go in mid-October. Now Collins gets Ron Rivera as head coach and Jack Del Rio as defensive coordinator and Collins is excited about what is to come.

It feels different because of the coaching staff,” Collins said, via Ethan Cadeaux of NBC Sports Washington. “They changed the whole coaching staff, they switched the defense around. I can’t speak offensively, but defensively, it was much needed.”

Washington would continue on without Gruden in a season that would turn an 0-5 start into a 3-13 finish. Del Rio had already impressed Collins during his first meeting with the new defensive coordinator. Rivera has done the same in the way he’s handled meetings with the team.

“It was straight to the point,” Collins said. “He was telling us his high expectations of the team and where he wants to go with us and what he looks from us once we all get together. It’s very good, very stern.

“Every experience with each head coach is different. It depends on the guys we have around. We have a fairly young team. A coach with a stern background coming in with a focal point of how he wants things to be run, just to get guys to grab their attention…I know he’s a guy that’s going to get the job done”

Rivera made the playoffs four times in nine seasons with the Panthers and earned a trip to the Super Bowl in 2015. Washington made the playoffs just twice over that span and failed to advance out of the opening weekend. They haven’t won a playoff game since 2005.

7 responses to “Landon Collins enthusiastic about coaching changes in Washington

  1. Everyone loves their honeymoon. Talk to me in a year. You’d be foolish to take any bait coming from this franchise.

  2. “Washington made the playoffs just twice over that span and failed to advance out of the opening weekend. They haven’t won a playoff game since 2005.”

    As cute as that sounds picking on the Redskins, but it really doesn’t help when your starting QB gets hurt the first year of a $94 MILLION contract. They were 6-3 and looking good with Alex Smith until that injury in 2018. Smith’s contract has taken $25m from Redskins salary cap every year – doubt ANY team can recover from that.

  3. It’s that time of year where every coach is the right hire and going to lead the team to playoffs. Just like every 1st round pick is going to be a star except it doesn’t work out that way.

    It is unlikely that the Redskins make the playoffs during Rivera’s first contract but it would be hard to be as bad as the last front office/coach combo.

    The biggest improvement was getting rid of Allen.

  4. Given the insane contract he got he should be deliriously happy every day.

  5. This guy will find something to hate about the new staff too unless they cater to his wants.

  6. Del Rio is a huge upgrade at the defensive coordinator spot. Even if he is just average, he’ll be 10 times better than the last three DCs. Washington will finally have a functioning defense again.

  7. Realistically, they are going to be limited by their QB play this season. Even if the defense is top 10, which I think is likely, its all going to come down to points and/or turnovers generated by the QB. I hope their Haskins pans out, but if not they can look forward to drafting Trevor Lawrence. Its a shame about Alex Smith, he is still above and beyond the best QB they have had in a long time. He may not have put up Kirk Cousins numbers against bad teams, but he was far better in crunch time and in important games.

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