Matthew Stafford: Second year in same offense a big advantage

Getty Images

It’s a difficult offseason for NFL teams as they aren’t able to work on the field, but it might not be as tough as last offseason was for Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Stafford’s wife Kelly had to have brain surgery at the same time that the Lions were installing a new offense under offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, which Stafford called a “tough” mix of things to handle. That’s left him with a more positive response to this year’s challenges, particularly because they already have the offensive system under their belts.

“It doesn’t hurt to be in a second year of an offense and not try to learn something new and try to be a rookie quarterback or second-year guy coming in,” Stafford said, via the team’s website. “Definitely, I feel like it’s a positive for us as a team and for myself. When I get out there and throw with those guys, when I get chances to work with them I feel like I can teach them as good as our coaches can on what we’re looking for and what they need to do. That’s an advantage for us. Now let’s just hope that shows up on Sundays.”

The Lions have a few new players to integrate into the offense like second-round running back D'Andre Swift and a handful of offensive linemen, but it seems working on that strikes Stafford as a less daunting task than the ones he dealt with last year.