Report: Dolphins have received calls about Josh Rosen

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The Dolphins drafted Tua Tagovailoa fifth overall. They still have Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has made it clear he wants to start.

So where does that leave Josh Rosen?

That’s apparently the same thing some teams wonder.

Michael Giardi of NFL Media reports the Dolphins have received calls about Rosen’s availability. Giardi adds that Miami is in “no hurry” to deal Rosen.

It’s more likely the Dolphins haven’t received an offer to their liking.

The Dolphins also have Jake Rudock in their quarterbacks room.

Rosen, 23, has yet to find a home after two seasons in the NFL. The Cardinals made him the 10th overall choice in 2018 but traded him to the Dolphins for a second-round choice a year ago after Arizona drafted Kyler Murray No. 1 overall.

The Dolphins now have Tagovailoa as their quarterback of the future, so Rosen’s future obviously is elsewhere.

Rosen has gone 3-13 as a starter, passing for 2,845 yards with 12 touchdowns and 19 interceptions while playing for two of the worst teams in the NFL over the past two seasons.

38 responses to “Report: Dolphins have received calls about Josh Rosen

  1. Rosen has had the worst situation(s)of that draft class. I hope he gets a shot on a more stable franchise.

  2. To soon to trade him. I’d keep him as a back up for at least 2 more years or when ever his contract is due

  3. I remember a young Steve Young looking pretty bad on a horrible Tampa Bay team, but then enjoying a HOF career and super bowl winner with the 49ers. Jim Plunkett looked really bad on a horrible New England team, but then became a super bowl winner with the Raiders. I never judge a young talented QB until they actually are given a legit shot with a competent organization. Rosen hasn’t been given any opportunity. He could still easily become a super bowl winner.

  4. The Dolphins need to improve Josh Rosen’s trade value and then take the best offer they can get in 2021

  5. i’d take him on the Steelers for a 4th or lower 2021 draft choice to compete with Rudolph for #2 behind Ben in 2020. Then in 2021 (Ben’s last year) they will know if one of the two young QB’s can be serviceable (especially seeing that they finally have a dedicated QB coach again) or if they need to draft a QB in round 1 of 2021 to groom for a year until 2022.

  6. If I was a QB needy team I could see giving a 7th for Josh Rosen.

    Alternatively if I had a draft bust I could see trading him for Josh Rosen.

    If after 2 years he hasn’t made it, I don’t think it’s likely he improves enough to where I want him as my starter. It is possible, but it’s unlikely.

  7. Any team interested in securing the #1 pick to draft Trevor Lawrence…outta trade for and start Rosen…Arizona let Rosen finish the year to secure the top pick…Miami was well on their way before they benched Rosen for Fitz…#Facts

  8. There not going to get a lot for him, they’d be lucky to get a 6th after what Rosen put on Film last season. However if Josh Rosen goes to a good team with an aging QB & solid offensive line ( Rosen needs protection, he’s not athletic enough to avoid pressure) I could see him turning his career around with a good supporting cast. The Steelers seem like they would be a great fit for Rosen, so do the Patriots except they don’t have a veteran QB however they run that same offense he ran last year. Miami just needs to trade him, give him a legit chance and ship him to a good situation and lets see what he has. It’s likely he’s a bust but i’d like to see what he could do with an offensive line in front of him.

  9. Having him as a cheap back up who can eventually leave as a free agent and score a decent compensatory pick is not worth trading unless it is for the right price.

  10. No chance this happened. This is an effort to drum up some interest before he’s cut.

  11. The Patriots would be a good fit for Rosen. For the team it would be low risk / high reward and for Rosen it would be a chance to play for a premier franchise.

  12. A team like The Saints or Chiefs with solid starting quarterbacks and a good offense should take a flyer on him and develop him. I actually liked him third in that draft behind Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson but ahead of Darnold and Josh Allen. It hasn’t panned out that way but I still think he has the tools to be a good NFL quarterback.

  13. Nobody has gotten a worse deal in the past few years than Josh Rossen. This guy is proof that the majority of a young quarterback’s success is based on stability and the situation around them. He’ll be a backup for at least this upcoming season and hopefully one day will get a decent shot with a halfway decent team.

  14. Rosen has never had a lelgitimate shot in a decent situation. Such a shame, the career that wasn’t. Extremely bright, I’d love to see New England sign him.

  15. I’ve never seen a player start off his career like that it s…maybe backup tom brady in Tampa?

  16. He will be an above average QB for a long time when given a chance to play for a real team and not these crap teams.

  17. I’d keep him tbh. There’s no guarantee that Tua will be healthy (or good) and there’s still time for Rosen to show why he was drafted 10th.

  18. Put him in the right situation and he could be a Jared Goff. Needs a supporting cast to even have a chance though.

  19. I don’t remember who drafted QBs this draft but I could see a few teams willing to kick the tires on a guy that was a top 10 pick. Steelers, Colts, Bucs, Lions (if Stafford looks to leave) and Jags

  20. ismaelfatah says:
    May 21, 2020 at 4:37 am
    Nobody has gotten a worse deal in the past few years than Josh Rossen. This guy is proof that the majority of a young quarterback’s success is based on stability and the situation around them.


    Could also be he is not a very good QB at the NFL level, which is what I believe to be true.

  21. To date, Josh Rosen is zero for two. Rosen has yet to prove himself in the NFL. With the Cards it’s was mind set and attitude that mostly cost him a chance to compete. Miami might be a different story. Rosen has some talent, but he can’t carry a team. He needs good players around him. I won’t call Rosen a complete bust until he gets in a better situation for him. That may, or may not happen for Josh.

  22. Whoever said the Pats is off base. Too much $ for a guy who hasn’t proven anything. He’s only got one year seasoning over Stidham. Stidham will be better building experience.

    Whoever said “must have been crank calls” THANKS for the great laugh.

  23. Anyone dumb enough to offer a 2nd and 5th or are the dolphins the only ones?

  24. Could you imagine him going to Tampa Bay and Arians? Seems like an ideal fit. He would back-up Brady and learn behind him and one of the most QB-friendly coaches in the NFL. If he got a chance there, they are loaded with offensive weapons.

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