Rob Gronkowski is “four more protein shakes” from playing weight

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When the Patriots traded him to the Buccaneers on April 21, Rob Gronkowski said he weighed 250 pounds. The All-Pro tight end did not anticipate a problem gaining 10 pounds to reach his playing weight.

A month later, Gronkowski is almost there.

Gronkowski said in an interview with CBS Sports on Wednesday that he weighs 257 pounds.

“Yeah, baby, yeah. You know it,” Gronkowski told CBS’ Chris Hassel, flexing his muscle. “My lowest I got to was 240, and it felt good, you know. I’ve been above 260 pounds basically my whole entire life since high school. Since senior year in high school, I was 260. I had never been under 260 since then. So it felt good just to drop that weight, ease up my joints, let my body free. I felt like that weight was loaded weight, too. So it felt good to get rid of it. So now it’s time to build back upon it, put lean muscle on my body and get ready for the NFL season like I never have before. It’s a different way, a different type of training style I’m doing and everything. I’m about 257 pounds right now. Everyone thinks I’m like 240, 230, but I’m basically four more protein shakes away from being at my playing weight. I’m excited about that. I’ll definitely be at my weight when it’s time to go. I’ll be at 260 to 265 when it’s time to roll.”

9 responses to “Rob Gronkowski is “four more protein shakes” from playing weight

  1. he may be well on his way to comeback. But he’s still one year removed & a different team from being familiar.

  2. Gronk is awesome. I hope he shuts up all the haters and has a huge season.

  3. Not the issue of 240 vs 260. It’s what makes up the real weight. But in any case he is fun to watch.

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