Trey Flowers downplays former teammates’ criticism of Lions

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Darius Slay and Damon Harrison didn’t hold back on their way out of Detroit.

Both expressed relief at getting out of town and took swipes at head coach Matt Patricia and the Lion Way.

Lions defensive end Trey Flowers, who is entering his second season in Detroit, downplayed their criticisms.

“That’s just how business goes,” Flowers said in a video call with the team’s beat reporters, via Kyle Meinke of “Some people agree; some people don’t.”

Bill Belichick has received his share of criticism for the tight ship he runs, but he has championships to back it up. Patricia, who served as Belichick’s defensive coordinator, is facing a critical season after going 9-22-1 in two seasons.

9 responses to “Trey Flowers downplays former teammates’ criticism of Lions

  1. What did the lions expect? To actually win hiring an ex patriot coach?

  2. Patricia waited too long to rid fhe team of the cancerous losers. Good moves to fleece the Eagles in the Slay deal as he is nowhere near Gilmore level.

  3. What a shock the guy who is still under contract to the team has nothing bad to say. I’d be inclined to believe the guys who left, especially since what we know publicly clearly indicates Patricia isn’t a good coach.

  4. Oh Boo Hoo Hoo, coach Patricia is a meanie be cause he makes us run up hills like in New England and what have they won? He disrespects us by not letting us twitter or even Facebook at oh so boring team meetings!!! Who needs to study when we could have fun? Why should we care about self discipline and responsibility for our actions when we’ve never had to do that stuff ever?

    Patricia was brought in to instill a new culture to arrest decades of futility. Replacing the recalcitrant, the obstructionists and the out and out stupid is part of the process. It’s no surprise those players are going to moan groan and bitch about anyone who expects them to act as professionals, not to mention as adults. On the way out the door don’t expect the to act as grownups. Just like those few ex-Pats players who bad mouth their old team, consider the source. They’re typically guys with less than pristine reputations.

  5. The players who left didn’t want to work together as a team. They both held out so who were they really mad at?

    What I find unusual is that everyone looks at last season as some indictment on patricia knowing full well they lost 8 straight after they lost Stafford .

  6. LoL, another has been standing up of the Patricia the terrible. At least he has Flowers and Amendola to carry him through his last year before he gets canned after another last place finish for the Lions.

  7. Lions were on the way before Stafford went down. Would expect ten wins this season but you can’t change a whole culture in two years regardless. Year 3 you have your guys. The lions will surprise a lot of people this year . Stafford with swift , johnson and Scarborough , hockenson ready to break out and jones , golladay and amendola behind a much meaner offensive line .

    More aggressive defense with a new coordinator And 7 new starters .

  8. Way back to the Patriots Colts rivalry.
    Two schools of thought; Dungy’s Colts and Belichick’s Patriots.

    Put the Caldwell boys tictac, instachat aside. Past in the past. Let’s watch Stafford sling some touchdowns.

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