Vince McMahon could be trying to buy the XFL

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As the bankrupt XFL looks for a buyer, the buyer could be its founder.

Via Daniel Kaplan of, XFL creditors “seem to believe” McMahon is positioning to buy the league out of bankruptcy. Separately, XFL president Jeffrey Pollack has contacted stadiums in Seattle and St. Louis about reinstating the league’s lease agreements.

The XFL declined comment to Kaplan regarding the potential strategy that would, if effective, allow McMahon to escape debt at a time of devastated revenue and re-emerge on the other side of the pandemic with a clean slate.

The clues as to the creditors’ beliefs come from their objection to a proposal in bankruptcy to pay $3.5 million in season-ticket refunds. The committee of creditors wrote that the payment “is being sought to further the efforts of the debtor’s controlling equity holder/secured lender, Vincent McMahon . . . to acquire the debtor at a fire-sale price.”

The ticket refunds would be aimed at bolstering relations with customers, in anticipation of a future business arrangement.

If that’s McMahon’s plan, and if it succeeds, he’d have to rebuild the league from the ground up, re-hiring coaches and players and others necessary to running the league. Anyone who previously worked for the league and was stiffed in any way may not be inclined to return (most notably, Oliver Luck won’t be back as the Commissioner), but if folks want to work in football and unless they’ve landed in the NFL, it’s not as if they have many alternatives.

Ultimately, fans won’t care one way or the other. In St. Louis and Seattle, the league thrived. If/when it resurfaces, the XFL could move franchises in cities where the league struggled to places like San Diego and Oakland, from which NFL teams recently have moved. The XFL also could try to identify another city or two (or more) like Seattle, which has an NFL team (and other pro sports) but which still flocked to the XFL games.

If McMahon is indeed trying to rebuy his own league and resurrect it for a second time, there’s a path to profitability given the impressive ratings performance on TV, the pent-up thirst for live sports, and the potential post-pandemic explosion of legalized wagering as states try to repair busted budgets.

Debates regarding the business ethics of the move notwithstanding, this potential Hail Mary play disguised as a Statue of Liberty could be the thing that lays the foundation for the league to survive and perhaps to thrive.

37 responses to “Vince McMahon could be trying to buy the XFL

  1. Hope OKC and NBA is still happy with their short-term cash-grab. Seattle can’t seem to throw enough money at even marginal sports (MLS, XFL) and NHL soon to benefit too. YES I AM STILL BITTER

  2. “The ticket refunds would be aimed at bolstering relations with customers”.

    Is there a group of people who did not get their tickets refunded? I was given the chance to get a refund on what was left of my season tickets or put it towards next season. I picked putting it towards next season. But right before they folded they said everybody was getting refunds, and I got my refund.

  3. Do what you gotta do Vince. Bring the XFL back, it started off really good, just unfortunate current events happened the way they are.

    But reload for next season, fix things from here, and get rid of the less popular teams and put them in places like San Diego and other cities that will appreciate a team.

  4. The talent level will be even more deluded than last time. In a league that just failed even players will look elsewhere to make a living. It was working temporarily in two cities (that don’t have NBA teams and one doesn’t have hockey either) but there is not telling that those fans would continue to show up as the nation loses interest.

    2nd rate pro leagues don’t work in America. When it comes to the pros we want to see the best play the best and lose interest in anything else. Minor leagues only work if the top professional league has an investment in them and most don’t make much if any money. XFL isn’t a minor league, it is a 2nd rate pro league.

  5. That’s such a scam. Basically the parent company would be bought out. And Vince would be the sole owner. Smh

  6. I’m guess this is somehow legal, but it shouldn’t be. Declaring bankruptcy to avoid financial liability only to re-purchase the league a few months later seems shady as hell. But considering it’s Vince McMahon, it doesn’t surprise me.

  7. It’s not that unusual in business. Just ask the Fertitta Brothers who ran Station Casino’s into the ground with debt during the great crash around 2008- then used this very same ‘bankruptcy’ ploy to buy the casino’s back from their debt holders for pennies on the dollar. Didn’t hear a lot of complaints and that was for billions…the losers are the stock and bond holders, and probably the employees, who were not unionized at the time.

  8. Never, never count Vince McMahon out he has proven over the years that he’s a tenacious businessman, and at times he can be ruthless. He’s gonna pull this off and make it work just watch

  9. Cant imagine it would be very difficult to get the players back as they are always looking to showcase their talent for the NFL but the head coaches and league executives are a whole other story. No way he get another Bob Stoops or another Oliver Luck for the league as they will be leery of McMahon’s prior buisness practices.

  10. I hope so. I mean I don’t care about the logistics and legal stuff at all. But it was a good league, entertaining. I am one football fan that wouldn’t mind seeing it come back. Still better than the AAF too.

  11. The only thing stoping McMahon is the move being unethical. So basically there is nothing stoping him.

  12. McMahon is nothing if not smart. He is also a modern day P.T. Barnum.

    Would not surprise me in the least to see him pull this off.

  13. This man is nothing but a con-man, and always has been. Just look at the wrestling industry. Drugs, Roids, Weird deaths. etc.

  14. The product was pretty good for the time of the year selected and I thought the rules and scoring was interesting. I don’t know if they looked at Oakland and San Diego as cities but if they didn’t they definitely should now! Putting teams in Seattle and St Louis was brilliant thinking. Another city that I think they should look at is San Antonio. Had tickets for one game but got my money back when season was cancelled. Would definitely consider another game(s).

  15. Unless you are a hard up football guy who refuses to use the college degree they received for more stable employment, why in the world would you want to work for this guy. After it folds for a 3rd time you are never getting paid.

  16. Let’s declare bankruptcy, stick much smaller business partners with debts that we pretend we cannot afford to pay and then buy everything for pennies on the dollar. Morally bankrupt, but happens every day.

  17. For those who were willing to accept the league for what it was rather than as a competitor to the NFL, the XFL was a fantastic league and one that I believe would have thrived over the next few years if the pandemic hadn’t happened. I was really looking forward to seeing guys who went undrafted this year getting the chance to play their way into the league.

  18. Vince is quite possibly the slimiest dude on the planet, but he’ll probably make this work…

  19. Maybe McMahon should buy the Marble Racing League instead. Oh, I forgot. He lost his marbles.

  20. I don’t understand what the problem is. Even our president has used this legitimate business technique several times to great advantage.

  21. aj66shanghai says:
    May 20, 2020 at 12:17 am
    Hope OKC and NBA is still happy with their short-term cash-grab. Seattle can’t seem to throw enough money at even marginal sports (MLS, XFL) and NHL soon to benefit too. YES I AM STILL BITTER
    What He said….

  22. I still see the only way a spring league works is to base the structure off any other pro sports league….you need owners, people who would like a football franchise but can’t afford to put together cash for an NFL one. Create a salary cap, etc. Get some name guys in there to draw attention…hold an amateur draft of college players…see who signs with whom..yes like the AFL and the USFL did…see what happens from there. I enjoyed watching but there were no “names” to draw people in other than die hard football fans who’ll watch anything.

  23. And this is the guy who the president named to his “pandemic response team” leading our country’s business recovery plans…. tells you all you need to know about the president and McMahon…

  24. The money boys can get away with this sort of thing but the millions of college students buried in debt up to their ears from college loans are by law not able to go bankrupt and restart their lives. Something’s rotten with this equation.

  25. Vince must have received some bail out money.. Just like the rest of the billionaires. Including the NFL. Pathetic.

  26. Why would players, coaches, league officials, team employees, stadium officials, purveyors, or anybody trust McMahon again?

  27. With this very shifty move, screwing a lot of debtors over, it shoulws you exactly why he is a good friend of the president, same move that he would make!

  28. “If McMahon is indeed trying to rebuy his own league and resurrect it for a second time”

    uh, it would be a third time.

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