Adrian Peterson not a fan of Trent Williams trade

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Adrian Peterson is happy for his friend Trent Williams.

He is not happy about trading a man who could have obviously helped his football team.

Via Sam Fortier of the Washington Post, the Washington running back said he wasn’t crazy about the deal that sent him to the 49ers for a fifth-round pick and a third-rounder next year.

I didn’t like the trade,” Peterson said. “Obviously, I feel like Trent is the best offensive lineman in the game. . . .

“I was hoping that there’d be some good ending.”

Washington might have gotten out of a year-long squabble with Williams, but the team lacks a clear answer at left tackle at the moment.

Former third-rounder Geron Christian remains, and they signed free agent Cornelius Lucas and used a fourth-round pick on Saahdiq Charles, but the lack of clarity on the left side of their line (left guard Ereck Flowers left in free agency as well) is a reasonable concern for Peterson.

12 responses to “Adrian Peterson not a fan of Trent Williams trade

  1. Washington made a mess of this but I get the feeling there was nothing they could have done to get Williams back on the field for them.

  2. Oh, well. Perhaps you should go with him, you fraud and child abuser.

    Washington was under no obligation to be extorted by their declining Left Tackle. Remember this clown was suspended for four games for illegal substances. And he was so stupid he thought a team doctor was his primary care physician. You’d think that his four games he missed for putting himself above the team could have been spent visiting with a real doctor to have his head examined?

  3. Nor am I Adrian. But, as a one year rental coming off several years of injuries, we couldn’t do better. And the alternative, signing him for 20m a year, made even less sense.

  4. When Rivera got hired and decided not to make any conciliatory gesture to Trent, but instead told him to “prove himself” by playing out his contract, there was no chance Trent was coming back.

    Huge mistake by Rivera. He’s got a Bill O’ vibe as GM. Maybe he’ll grow into the job. We can only hope.

  5. Billzbub – where did you read this?? Did you make this up? I read every story about the Rivera – Williams meet up. There was never any mention of Rivera telling Williams to “prove yourself” on the year remaining on his contract. The Rivera – Williams talk was great by all reports. Williams just plain wanted out. The skins had to get something for him – I didn’t like the compensation, but this player wasn’t coming back and they were losing trade leverage by the minute and had to end the distraction. He was going to be a distraction again and hold out. There was no choice here.

  6. Have fun signing him long term, San Fran. $24 million a year is what he will ask for. You can thank Bill O’Brien for that price.

  7. Vladdrac, the report was that Rivera wanted Trent Williams back, Trent wanted an extension to his contract and Rivera isn’t really a fan of handing out big money extensions to players he never met. Really though the biggest issue that I heard about Williams and Rivera came from when Rivera was hired and first tried to meet with Olsen first to sign him instead of talk with Trent and that made him upset……all I know is Trent acted like a big baby here. I agreed and understood his issue with Bruce Allen, but Rivera came in and did the right things that Trent should’ve appreciated. He should’ve sat down and excepted his contract and played on a one year deal, but he didn’t give Ron a chance.

    As for the trade, I didn’t love it, but Washington had to trade him. Trent wasn’t going to play for Ron and I’m sure many ex Panthers players think Trent is odd for not giving Ron a chance. Peterson can complain all he wants, but his favorite left tackle did NOTHING to help him out in 2019

  8. 49ers are under no obligation to give him 24 million. They’ll see how he does, and pay him accordingly. Or tag him.

  9. Let’s not forget that Williams actually WANTS to play for the Niners because of Shanahan and their coaching staff. Seriously, who WOULD pick that dumptster fire in DC over the Niners these days? I don’t think the Niners are going to have to pay near that $24 mil to keep him.

  10. Nah, this guy is damaged goods, reminds me of Albert Haynesworth would been always disgruntleda and he’s getting old… see ya Trent.

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