Betting odds have Jaguars at NFL-low 4.5 wins

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It’s not exactly a secret that the Jaguars have prioritized building for the future over winning now, and that’s reflected in the bedding odds.

The win totals at William Hill Sportsbook have the Jaguars at over/under 4.5 wins. That’s the lowest total in the NFL, suggesting the Jaguars are the favorites to earn the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

In the long run, having that pick may prove to be a good thing. Next year’s draft has the potential to have two quarterbacks, Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence and Ohio State’s Justin Fields, who are elite prospects. If the Jaguars do end up with the first overall pick, they’d likely draft one of them.

The Jaguars also own the Rams’ first-round pick in the 2021 draft as a result of the Jalen Ramsey trade, and they had a large draft haul this year that included two first-round picks. In the long run, it’s easy to see the Jaguars building a strong roster.

But in the short run, the betting odds say the Jaguars are the worst team in the NFL.

8 responses to “Betting odds have Jaguars at NFL-low 4.5 wins

  1. The jags could benefit from having 3 decent to very good teams in their division. There’s no stinky roster in that division. Indy picking up Rivers, the Titans made the AFC championship game and haven’t lost much at all, and the texans still have a good enough roster despite their coachgm’s best efforts. So the jags could lose all 6 division games, help them get the #1 pick, and then in a year or two catapult into the AFCS’s best team.

    They’re the jags so I doubt it’ll happen, but it’s a real possibility

  2. It’s not exactly a secret that the Jaguars have prioritized building for the future over winning now

    That could be said about the last fifteen years, at least the over winning now part. 4.5 games is only slightly lower than their average over the last nine years (5.33 games). The GM is great about building for the future and getting high draft picks. The problem is no team has gotten more top ten picks and wasted them the way the Jags have. How do some of these people still have their jobs unless winning isn’t important to the Jags.

  3. They also had the Dolphins picking first this year. But they were only off by 4 picks.

  4. last year these same pundits said Miami would go 0-16 and no better than 3-13…welll they didn’t “tank” and they still got Tua! Hopefully the Jags don’t “tank”…and what if Trevor or Fields gets injured Tua-style? And what if the 2020 version of Joe Burrow comes around? Would Burrow still have beaten ‘Bama if Tua was healthy?

  5. Jags fan here. This is great news. GM Caldwell has another opportunity to mess up our first round picks. So excited! Thanks guys!

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