Frank Reich enjoys officiating weddings on the side

Getty Images

Frank Reich can’t speak to his entire flock in person during an OTA this spring, but he’s going to have at least one chance to give a good sermon.

The Colts coach, who is also an ordained minister, said during an interview on the Dan Patrick Show that he was officiating a wedding for one of his assistant coaches later this summer.

“I probably officiate one wedding every two or three years,” Reich said, via the Indianapolis Star. “I really enjoy doing that. It’s a lot of fun.”

He’s also offered to do weddings for any of his players who might need an officiant. He said he helped Andrew Luck with some documentation after his former quarterback was married in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Of course, his new quarterback is already married, but the Colts are hoping Philip Rivers helps them acquire a different kind of ring, ones Reich would be happy to bless.