Josh Gordon will be applying for reinstatement soon

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With Cowboys pass rusher Aldon Smith reinstated and Cowboys pass rusher Randy Gregory pursuing reinstatement, questions have emerged regarding the status of suspended receiver Josh Gordon.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Gordon will be applying for reinstatement soon.

As the source explains it, Gordon is doing well. He’s working out and he’s ready to play. The goal is to get him cleared to return before training camp.

Gordon appeared in enough games with the Seahawks last year to satisfy his contractual obligations and to become an unrestricted free agent. He’s currently able to sign with any team.

Still only 29, Gordon’s talent is rare, and special. In 2013, he generated 1,646 receiving yards despite missing two games. Neither Randy Moss nor Terrell Owens ever had that much yardage in a single season.

After not playing in 2015 or 2016, Gordon has played in five games with the Browns in 2017, 12 with the Patriots in 2018, and 11 with the Seahawks in 2019.

The new substance-abuse policy did not give Gordon or any other suspended an automatic reinstatement. Smith’s reinstatement has created hope that the NFL will find a way to let these players back onto the field.

58 responses to “Josh Gordon will be applying for reinstatement soon

  1. As the source explains it, Gordon is doing well. He’s working out and he’s ready to play, how many times have we heard this comment?????????????

  2. I’m not really sure how I feel about this guy. Super talent and not really a locker room cancer like AB. I could see him getting another chance, just not with the Ravens 🙂

  3. On what basis can anyone presume this guy can stay on the field and off the suspended list? None. Just think about all the money this guy cost himself. He’ll be thinking about that after teams have had enough and his NFL career is over. He’ll be broke when he threw away possibly as much as $100M. Think about that.

  4. Come on, everybody deserves a second errr third errr fourth errr fiftth err sixth err seventh … chance.

  5. Josh showed last year that he is not the player that he used to be. Whether it is due to substance abuse or inability to develop his career as a result, Josh might have difficulty finding a team that would be interested. Kids, just say no.

  6. everyone that knows him . say he is a great guy that likes to get high . its a shame the NFL kept kicking him out . despite it all he was a great WR high or straight . would have put up some big #s if they would have left him alone.

  7. Get on with you life and earn an honest living you were blessed with all the ability in the world and proven to the football world you’re not in it to win it!

  8. I feel like you need to emphasize the fact that Josh had 1646 yards in 14 games, while playing for the BROWNS!

    That is amazing.

  9. Gordon must have all his documents in Word files so he just needs to reprint them every time he “files for reinstatement.” Saves a lot of time.

  10. I do like Gordon the player… I also think it’s comical how journalist say “in 2013, yadda yadda”… They do realize that is almost a decade ago now, right? lol… Anyway, GB would be smart to make a 1 year offer.

  11. Sad to see such promising talent destroyed by personal demons. Can you imagine how insane this guys career could’ve been if he could stay out of trouble?

  12. The new CBA doesn’t allow players to be suspended for marijuana, which was Gordon’s main vice. Don’t see why 20 or more teams don’t make a run at him, now.

  13. In 2013, he generated 1,646 receiving yards despite missing two games.

    Since 2014, he has 1,800 receiving yards in 33 games.

  14. Surprised Justin Blackmon never got his act together and tried to come back. All the talent in the world, but couldn’t fight his demons.

  15. Listen, there’s not a bigger Josh Gordon fan than Browns fan… we defended this guy all along. He has struggles and demons and vices or whatever you want to call it. Mental issues and addictions are REAL THINGS. As far as football, I hope he can make it again, BUT, I don’t care if he ever picks up a football again as long as his life and mentality are in order. One day at a time, my man…

  16. Gordons talent used to be rare and special. Not so much anymore. Struggles to get open. BTW… 2013 was now seven years ago.

  17. Nice to see all the class acts coming back to the nfl under the new rules.

  18. One of the biggest wastes of talent in NFL history. He had all the tools (size / speed / route running) to be one of the all time greats. It’s just a shame he couldn’t keep it together.

  19. Testing positive for Weed. That’s his reason for being banned. It’s now not going to be a violation & in many States, like Washington, it’s legal.

    He gets reinstated; almost a guaranteed occurrence. The Seahawks are his preference & he most likely will sign again with them. It will be Lockett, DK & Flash starting @ WR this season.

  20. Has he robbed a poker game lately?
    Called anybody a bad name?
    Destroyed a hotel room?

  21. He seemed to get thick and slow. Could be good again if he lost some weight and worked out but dont see it happening or see him staying clean

  22. Does this guy have compromising photos of Goodell or something? I have never seen a player screw up so many times and still get another chance. Ridiculous.

  23. You will see him and Aldon Smith tiptoeing softly behind Mike McCarthy with the Gatorade container during the 4th quarter in the upcoming Super Bowl against KC.

  24. Just pin the headline “Josh Gordon Applying for Reinstatement Soon” to the top of PFT. Seems to be a timely headline multiple times every year.

  25. 7 years after 1 great season, people will still think this guy is an elite caliber receiver. Lol. Bill B saw he clearly wasn’t worth the hassle.

  26. He played pretty well for the Hawks during his brief stint – and was missed when the suspension happened toward the end of the season. the stats may not show it, but he caught everything thrown his way, and several of them were key 3rd down conversions.

    agreed, that he’s not elite any more, but he’s a big body with good hands. moreover, it seemed like his teammates genuinely liked him.

    i get all the making fun of him for squandering so many chances – – but doesn’t seem like his actions have really hurt anybody but himself (it’s not off-field violence, etc) – so I don’t think he really deserves vitriol.

    I’d be totally fine if the Hawks brought him back.

  27. Josh, Coach Rivera on line 1. Take the call and straighten out your life once and for all.

  28. There are a lot of you on here that clearly only read the titles of articles and nothing more. No, he wasnt just using marijuana… he’s stated himself that he’s abused quite a few substances. If it were just weed it wouldn’t be as big a deal, but this cat enjoyed the pills, the painkillers and God knows what else. This goes beyond a puff puff here and there.

  29. Even if Gordon is given 10 chances to stay straight and play in the NFL, it’s no skin off my nose or anybody else’s. Who the hell are we to say that another human being should not get another chance when his behavior hurt no one but himself. We should wish him well.

  30. “returntoexcellence says:
    May 21, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    There are a lot of you on here that clearly only read the titles of articles and nothing more. No, he wasnt just using marijuana… he’s stated himself that he’s abused quite a few substances. If it were just weed it wouldn’t be as big a deal, but this cat enjoyed the pills, the painkillers and God knows what else. This goes beyond a puff puff here and there.”

    Please show us WHERE in the article it details drug use other than marijuana. Some of us CAN read past the headlines and this guy isn’t seeing what you’re seeing.

  31. Return, please link your sources…I have only heard about weed and last year was a PED.

    Did he test positive for something else?

    He seems humble and keeps his head down these days…I will gladly take him back as a Seahawks fan.

  32. If his suspensions were all related to weed, then he should be able to play.
    It is time for the NFL to accept reality and be up front. I would bet over
    50 percent of NFL players smoke weed. If the NFL truly wanted to make sure
    that no players use weed they would test more than once a year.
    It is similar to Pete Rozelle saying “ we don’t think many fans bet on
    Football games….to which Beano Cook replied “ well….everyone on my
    street ( in Pittsburgh ) bets on football.. so you my want to check your source”..

  33. Okay I have some questions…

    Is it just marijuana that he is smoking every year that gets him suspended?

    If so, is this really a big deal?

  34. So many of these comments – guys, where is the dignity or honor in not wanting someone to succeed in life? You can cast as many stones as you like, but he hasn’t done anything that hurts any of you. No reason not to wish him success.

  35. Gordon has had way too many chances, and there needs to be a hard limit for ALL players. Talent should never trump maintaining the quality of people in the league. And coaches should have an even lower limit. We need good people to make up a good league. Jettison the trash early and often – that will make a statement.

  36. He should never have been suspended. Marijuana is not a performance enhancing drug and has been shown to have a positive effect on people with mental illness and is legal to treat chronic pain in much of the country. Football is a violent sport and id much rather the guy smoke Marijuana than pop opiods.

  37. Good luck Josh…. wishing you the very best…..
    yes he let his teammates down but never really got into any major issues during his downward spirals….. seems like a nice guy that just can’t be counted on no matter what….he’s not the first & definitely wont be the last ….oh the possibilities….. & yeah, that amazing season was 7 years ago, THAT GUY doesn’t exist anymore!!!
    Go Pats!!!!

  38. I will give him credit for one thing for sure. Dude can stay in shape on his own. That’s actually pretty impressive.

  39. I just can’t get over this dude getting booted from the NFL multiple times for weed. If he had a real drug problem I would feel for him, but he got “addicted” to a plant that has zero physically addictive properties. That’s the real issue. If he’s that mentally weak, how’s he going to react when he’s the 5th WR on a losing team that’s told to be a decoy and run fade routes for league minimum?

  40. How are any of these guys gonna get on the field? COVID-19 ninnys won’t let anyone back on the field this year. And y’all are gonna sit there and like it. So Gordon can work on himself, I wish him luck.

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