Last call for bids on the Robert Kraft Super Bowl LI ring

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It his $1 million early last week. It’s holding steady at $1.025 million.

Today’s the day to bid or get off the bidet.

The auction for Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl LI ring, commemorating the win over the Falcons after reversing a 28-3 third-quarter deficit, closes tonight. All proceeds go to COVID-19 relief.

As quickly as the bidding rocketed into seven figures, it slowed. The big-money crowd likely realized that it made sense to sit back and wait until the clock approaches midnight before making a final play. That final play, if any, must come today.

Some have wondered whether Kraft himself ultimately will swoop in with the winning bid, making a huge donation while keeping the ring. Chances are that Kraft would simply just order a new ring. It’s also possible that he always buys two at the time the rings are made, in the event one of the rings walks away in the possession of a dictator.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kraft outbid whoever is winning so he can keep his ring and still donates over $1M to the cause.

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