Montravius Adams arrested, charged with three misdemeanors

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Packers defensive lineman Montravius Adams was arrested in Georgia and charged with three misdemeanors, Tom Green of reports.

Adams, a third-round choice of the Packers in 2017, faces charges of possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, driving without insurance and suspended/canceled/revoked vehicle registration, per Green.

The Houston County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office arrested Adams on Tuesday night. He was released from the Houston County Detention Center less than three hours later on $2,964 bond, according to the newspaper.

He becomes the fifth NFL player in trouble with the law over the past week, with four players taken into custody Saturday.

Green, 24, has played 37 games with three starts in three seasons. He has made 33 tackles, 1.5 sacks, three pass breakups, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and six quarterback hits.

19 responses to “Montravius Adams arrested, charged with three misdemeanors

  1. He’s a big disappointment anyway. Trade him to the Vikings for a case of jockstrap deodorizer and some leftover lutefisk from the postgame buffet. I’m sure they’ll gladly take any warm body for that sorry defensive line up there.

  2. This is why teams have all the OTA’s, mini camps. It would be interesting to see if there are more offenses this year than in the past season.

  3. The guy made $581k last year and can’t seem to pay his insurance or his car registration. What is wrong with these athletes that think they are above the law.


  4. Cut him tomorrow. No excuse for this kind of stupidity. Litmus test for professional athletes should include do you have a valid drivers license and insurance. No? See you later moron.

  5. His roster spot was in jeopardy before this. But the Pack didn’t take a inside d-line prospect in the draft. I’m sure they have a couple FA’s coming in.

  6. As a fan of Green Bay, though, this means little. Unfortunately, myself and the other fans were smarter than the scouting department here. Adams was a huge reach in the 3rd. His ceiling was Booger McFarland, and that’s being extremely generous. This is the most logical headline for the player we could have envisioned when the selection came through. I would have been far more shocked seeing a Player of the Week than this.

  7. Seriously, pretty small charges.
    But…the one that befuddles me is driving without insurance. An accident puts him squarely in the defendants seat, not the insurance company – where multi million dollar settlements are not uncommon. Call the General, Flo, or that gecko.

  8. I’d let this guy go. How diligent can a person be with any professional expectations if you’re too lazy to insure and register your vehicle? Not taking care of the most basic personal responsibilities tells me the guy won’t apply himself.

  9. Maybe start a go fund me account to try and buy this poor fellow some insurance. Stupidity continues to run wild for several teams this off season.

  10. Let’s get real, the Packers aren’t going to cut a player over 3 small misdemeanors.
    They may move on from him simply because he hasn’t been able to distinguish himself from any other warm body after 3 seasons.
    Definitely an overreach, especially when you consider he’s had every opportunity to make his mark on this D-line.

    As for the charges themselves, what is he thinking?
    These are just dumb offenses.
    Is it stupidity, laziness?
    Not having car insurance leaves a very inviting target on your back if you get into an accident as a professional athlete.

  11. I don’t understand these players. Every team has them. They have played football since they were old enough to put on a helmet, and when they achieve their dream of making it to the NFL they throw it all away.

  12. His head is still spinning due to giving up more than 750 yards on the ground to the 9ers running game both of 2019. He had to do something to fix that stupidity of the Packers and this is what he came up with. Lol

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