Report: Jamal Adams, Jets at stalemate as safety seeks new deal

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Jets safety Jamal Adams has made it clear he wants a long-term deal. He is not taking part in the team’s virtual offseason program to make it even more clear.

Although Jets General Manager Joe Douglas repeatedly has said the team wants to sign Adams to a long-term deal, Adams’ future remains in question.

Longtime NFL writer Gary Myers tweeted Thursday that Adams and the team are at a stalemate with the team wanting to wait before committing to a new deal, causing “friction.” The Jets exercised the fifth-year option on Adams’ deal, so they have him under contract through 2021.

The All-Pro is scheduled to make $3.5 million in 2020.

It is obvious Adams won’t be a happy camper unless he gets a new deal sooner than later, though.

That could lead to more trade talks, and Myers indicates that’s how the stalemate between Adams and the Jets could end.

Adams was the subject of trade chatter heading into last year’s trade deadline, and the Cowboys showed interest. Plenty of teams would have interest in Adams, who has made the Pro Bowl the past two seasons.

Adams, 24, has 273 tackles, 12 sacks, two interceptions, 25 pass breakups and six forced fumbles in three seasons.

13 responses to “Report: Jamal Adams, Jets at stalemate as safety seeks new deal

  1. He was one of the highest floor prospects to come out in awhile. You knew he was going to be this good from the get out. Just pay him.

  2. loganryanspick6 says:
    May 21, 2020 at 6:35 pm
    273 tackles more than Deion Sanders. LOL
    Deion Sanders didn’t play Safety and opposing Quarterbacks didn’t like
    throwing on the side of the field he covered.

  3. He’s very good, but he’s not a difference maker.
    The Jets should have traded him to Dallas during 2019.

    Failing that, what does he want vs. what can they gen in trade?

    He’s not Ed Reed.

  4. Don’t pay him. I’m genuinely surprised his rep is so high. He’s solid, a good safety, don’t get me wrong. But he’s a slightly richer man’s Landry in his prime. I’m talking Dwan

  5. He needs to paid now before his rookie contract expires…he is a bonafide star. The smart teams lock up their star centerpieces BEFORE it causes bad blood.

  6. Antonio Brown Where Are You? says:
    May 21, 2020 at 10:35 pm

    He’s not Ed Reed.

    I think it’s a bit early to be making a comment like that. I don’t think we even know exactly how good Adams can really be yet. And even so, he’s arguably the best in the league. And unlike Reed, he seems to be able to stay healthy for the most part.

    In his first 3 seasons Ed Reed had 2 Pro Bowls and an All-Pro. In his first 3 seasons, Adams has 2 Pro Bowls and an All-Pro. Their stats are different, because Reed played FS. So Adams doesn’t have all the INTs but he DOES have a lot of PDs, plus he has 12 sacks and 28 TFL in 3 yrs as well as 6 FFs and 4 FRs. All much better marks than Reed had.

    So maybe it would be more accurate to say he IS Ed Reed, at the SS position.

  7. Adams is going to reset the market for his position in a HUGE way. IMO he’s ahead of where Polamalu was at this stage of his career. Sky’s the limit for the kid.

    And $3.5M for an entire season of this kid’s services is worse than an insult, it should be illegal. It can’t happen.

  8. “pay the man” is a silly comment. Pay him what? Whatever he wants? Record breaking money for his position AND a lot of guaranteed money?

  9. “ He’s not Ed Reed.”

    Well for one he’s like 30lbs heavier and hits like a linebacker, so yeah he’s not like Ed Reed at all.

  10. I bet he was happy enough when he signed the contract. Be a man and honor your contract.

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