Andy Reid on onside kick alternative: We’ve got a guy who can do 4th-and-15

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There was word on Thursday that there’s growing support for a proposed rule change that would provide teams with an alternative to an onside kick and it had Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid thinking the same thing.

If the rule is adopted by owners next week, teams would be able to try a 4th-and-15 play from their own 25-yard-line in order to retain possession of the ball. The Chiefs’ biggest play of Super Bowl LIV came on a 3rd-and-15 throw by Mahomes to Tyreek Hill and the quarterback’s response to the news suggests he’d be happy to get a chance to try out the proposed tweak.

Reid weighed in on Friday during a conference call with reporters. Reid said that he’d prefer not to see the rule passed before going on to reference Mahomes as a silver lining if the vote should go the other way.

“We’ve got a guy who can do 4th-and-15,” Reid said, via Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star.

The Chiefs were able to come back from at least 10 points down in all three postseason wins that made them Super Bowl LIV champions. Given their quarterback and their overall offense, more comebacks may be likely if the rule should be adopted.

40 responses to “Andy Reid on onside kick alternative: We’ve got a guy who can do 4th-and-15

  1. Considering most onsides kicks end up at the 50 or beyond, it seems like maybe 4th-15 from like… the 35 instead? I dunno… I just work here.

  2. This is just stupid. It’s just a gimmick that will ultimately backfire. But, if they just HAVE to do it, then teams leading have to have the same option. You can’t make it an uneven field by only allowing a losing team the option.

  3. The point of kicking the damn ball is that you’re scored, now it’s time to either send possession down the length of the field, or risk field position and kick it up for grabs. Either way, you lose possession for at least a moment.

    The idea of scoring then retaining posession for a ‘4th’ down (where did downs 1, 2, & 3 go?) completely perverts the game.

  4. avengingcowboy says:
    May 22, 2020 at 1:12 pm
    Enough already with the rule changes
    Changing the rules where no one understands them, and the refs have to use their judgement is how they keep the patriots relevant. Example: tuck rule.

  5. Rule changes like this seemed to be designed for one purpose – to artificially keep games close for as long as possible, presumably to maximize the viewing audience over the course of the game.

    It’s exciting when a team comes back to make the game close and even win it. But the more you artificially nudge that, the less meaningful it makes the whole rest of the game.

    If I have a get out of jail card like this, I don’t need to try as hard for the rest of the game.

    Same goes for the expanded playoffs. The excitement of two teams’ fan bases in seeing their mediocre team make the playoffs is offset by the removal of most of the drama around playoff byes and making the playoff cut.

    All this stuff lessens the core of the sport – the competition – in the desire to make it product.

  6. Please stop with the gimmicky rules changes. You are becoming arena football.

  7. 4th and 15 is too easy givin the scenario and impact of the game. Pass interference will be a HUGE factor too. Just bring back the damn normal onsides kick.

  8. Why change what’s worked for so long?

    Is there some bored guy working on the creative side of things in the NFL throwing things to the wall to see if they stick?

    Let’s see..fumbles are now two points per recovery , 10 yards equals a .5 point etc etc

    Stop changing the game

  9. 4th and 15 is a higher percentage convert than an onside kick….I would think. So I don’t think the ball should be placed at the 35…especially since the play could conceivably go for a long gain or touchdown.

  10. So only five more yards to gain than a normal first down? Doesn’t seem hard enough considering all the rules in place to favor the offense.

  11. Bring back the old onsides kick with running starts for onsides kicks ONLY

    Easy solution

  12. The problem with 4th and 15 is defensive penalties, nearly all of which result in an automatic first down. Replacing the onside kick with this is a VERY bad idea, which needs to be discarded. The onside kick can be brought back without any trouble, and I think it would be if Goodell wasn’t intent on eliminating all kick-offs.

    Change the kick-off rule to allow players to get a running start from three yards behind the line, which still reduces the injury/concussion threat while allowing for a surprise onside kick to actually have a chance to work. Another option could be made available for the kickoff team to declare their doing an onside kick and allow the team to get a running start from 5-10 yards behind the line.

  13. This is kinda like the league saying instead of the onside kick it will be a 65 yard field goal without a rush and only a 3rd of the league has kickers that can even kick it 65 yards on half their kicks. Obviously it’s a huge advantage for the Chiefs.

  14. So if you miss 4-15, the opponent is already in field goal range? This is going to increase excitement?

    Gee, I wonder if DPI will come into play?

    Just call it Flagball. Literally, the Flag is mightier than the Foot.

  15. Considering the great KC Chiefs would be down more than 7 points going into this hypothetical exchange, my money is on the other teams’ defense caving Mahomes face in like they probably did for the first 58 minutes of the game.

    That said, the rule is stupid.

  16. This would emphasize defense. Teams with a poor defense or injured secondary will get blown out by teams with a more balanced offense and defense. This could end bad.

  17. This concept is horrible. Imagine the uproar when some inevitable BS defensive holding away from the play gets called…

    “Prior to the pass, holding, defense, number 21, 5 yard penalty, automatic first down. By rule the offense keeps possession”


  18. Luke Comstock says:
    May 22, 2020 at 1:30 pm
    5-11, huge letdown after last year
    Gee most Bronco fans thought they would have at least 6 wins this season.

  19. Okay. Only if it’s a running play. And only if the QB is the kicker and the RB is the punter.

    What are we doing to this game?

  20. The NFL really doesn’t care what US fans think, they show that time, and time again!!!!

  21. It’s like they asked the Nike uniform design people to help come up with new rules.

  22. Even as a Chiefs’ fan knowing they would benefit greatly from this rule, I still don’t like it. Would be too easy to drastically alter outcomes. One fluke PI called on that 4th and 15 and boom the whole game is changed.

  23. It would be interesting to see what would happen in an actual game if they let fans randomly call plays. The opposing defense certainly wouldn’t have any tendencies to watch for.

  24. How many players actually got hurt on onside kicks? About the same as this proposed rule? Bring back the OG insides kick.

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