Big 12 returns on June 15 for on-campus workouts

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Ready or not, here football comes.

As previously noted, SEC teams are reconvening for on-campus workouts on June 8. It’s now been announced that, one week later, the Big 12 will be back.

It’s no surprise, The Power Five conferences (SEC, Big 12, ACC, Big 10, Pac-12) stand to lose $4 billion if there’s no college football season. Which gives them four billion reasons to find a way to get the season in.

After two months of lockdown, the national will has moved sharply toward returning to normal life (or whatever the new normal will be) and accepting the fact that people will get sick and people will die from COVID-19 (because, as the charlatans like to say, people die all the time from all sorts of things). Right, wrong, or otherwise, that’s where the ball is moving. Which means that the ball is moving toward football returning, pro and college.

Advances in testing and treatment could make it easier. If/when it’s determined that persons who test positive for coronavirus antibodies can’t get sick or spread the virus, those folks will be able to attend football, baseball, basketball, anything without concern.

Easy or hard, sickness or health, football is coming back. And the Power Five schools are moving in that direction. If college football can pull it off, the NFL definitely can.

2 responses to “Big 12 returns on June 15 for on-campus workouts

  1. As the German philosopher, Major Heinrich Strasser, remarked to Ilsa Lund, “perhaps you have already observed that in college football, as in Casablanca, human life is cheap. Good night.”

  2. Antibodies testing so far for COVID-19 are showing the exact opposite. People who’ve had it and recovered are getting it again.

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