Browns auction opportunity to help script plays for preseason game

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Larry David has said he believes he could be a successful NFL offensive coordinator. If he makes a big enough bid to the All-In Challenge, he can find out.

The Browns are auctioning off the opportunity to help them script plays for a preseason game as the NFL’s latest offering in the All-In Challenge, which is raising money for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everybody thinks they can call the plays,” Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said. “So the winner of this will get to help us do that. The winner will help myself and Alex Van Pelt, the offensive coordinator, script the first 15 of one of our preseason games. They’ll also be invited to our team dinner the night before the game, the team meeting the night before the game, game day we’ll get you a sideline pass pregame, you’ll run out of the tunnel with us before the game.”

Several NFL players, coaches and owners have made generous donations to the All-In Challenge, including an opportunity to be Tom Brady‘s guest at his first game in Tampa Bay raising $800,000, and Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl LI ring raising $1.025 million.

39 responses to “Browns auction opportunity to help script plays for preseason game

  1. I believe it was last year that the Browns scripted their first drive against the Skins in preseason, and they walked down the field and scored, no problem. It was kind of meaningless and silly. They told the Skins they were going to do it. It was generally panned as being lame and unnecessary for a preseason game. A forward thinking coaching staff doesn’t handle preseasons games that way..

  2. Todd Monken might bid to get some redemption…

    Seriously though, what a unique opportunity for a charitable cause.

  3. Let the trollfest begin. Do us a favor and be original, no Browns will be Browns, factory of sadness or dumpster fire BS. At least be entertaining especially ratbird, stooler or bungle fans.

  4. I imagine this is the chance for the average Joe to become the Browns OC for 2020. Great promotion Cleveland. Get others to do the job for you. 🙂

  5. every NFL team should do this !!
    instead of the highest bid which takes out all the working people . $10.00 donation and they put all the names in the pot. and draw 1.

  6. Not going to troll or jest. I know this is for charity but it sends a less than serious message about the approach to the season.

  7. Maybe that’s the problem…scripting plays doesn’t take into account the game situation. How do you know if you’re going to be 2nd and 1 or 2nd and 15 after the first play. Throw the script out the window and use your BRAIN.

  8. I’ve been running the old “center sneak” since grade school. When it’s down and inches, it’s tough to stop.

  9. I welcome this with open arms after witnessing an offense ran by two of the worst coaches in NFL history in Jackson and Kitchens. It literally can not get any worse.

  10. firstdownbrowns says:
    May 22, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    every NFL team should do this !!
    instead of the highest bid which takes out all the working people . $10.00 donation and they put all the names in the pot. and draw 1.


    That’s a cool idea. Regular fans could get a chance to win, not just the rich folks. But that makes too much sense for the NFL !

  11. Love it – the plays will be flea flickers, fake punts, onside kicks, reverses, WR passes, hide the ball, etc

  12. Not a Browns fan but it’s creative and a pretty cool opportunity for someone and it benefits the greater good. Hard to argue with any of it. More pro sports franchises should be auctioning off ‘fan experience” type stuff. I know they don’t owe it to anyone and still have to do the whole ‘social distancing’ but I feel like the have endless iterations they could come up with to benefit the cause. Good on the Browns.

  13. “God I hope this kid knows what he’s doing. Okay, rip 30 fumbleroosky flea flicker statue of liberty double reverse hook and ladder on two. …Oh, and don’t forget to run over the tuba player. Break!”

    My guess is they just steer you to suggest what they already plan to do. The real kick is you get to be in the room, meet staff/players, run out of the tunnel, and be on the sidelines… which is both pretty cool and way out of my price range, so all the snarky comments aside, I have not problem with it.

  14. Wait! Are they telling us they HAVEN’T been doing this all this time? Well, I’ll be darned.

  15. Do they give you a copy of the playbook or do you have to base it on playing Madden?

  16. In fairness they say ” will help myself and Alex Van Pelt”. In other words the fan doesn’t REALLY get to decide, they just get to be around the team the day before and the day of. I say Mayfield bootleg 15 times.

    Still it is a good idea.

  17. Remember when Cleveland wanted to do towels for the fans? They canceled it because nobody though the idea of white towels being waved in the stands gave the wrong message.

    Fun times in Cleveland. Just surrender in the 1st quarter and call it good.

  18. This is a dream come true for all the Monday morning arm chair quarterbacks

  19. I’d call the COVID-19 Spread where all players are split 6 feet apart at all times. This would naturally be a hurry-up because huddles are socially irresponsible.

  20. People may mock the Browns, but really, what is the problem with this?

  21. wait wait. Don’t do this. Freddie Kitchens just got fired for doing this during the regular season, didn’t he?

  22. They should select a season ticket holder for this.. Just put the 6 names in a hat and pick 1.. He/she would deserve it being a die hard Browns fan!

  23. This would be a more meaningful opportunity if you didn’t have to be rich to win

  24. The mistake on the lake is letting fans call the plays, so they know they got the wrong guy and the season hasn’t even started yet!

  25. Read the post on the Browns site… they are doing this for TWO “winners” one being the highest bid and on being a drawing where you can enter for $10.

    So for those of you proposing this idea of having a drawing… it was already on the site. I still say this is a pretty unique opportunity for charity.

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