Devin White: Practicing against Tom Brady will bring our game to a new level

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With Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski joining the Buccaneers, there’s no question that attention has been focused on the offensive side of the ball in Tampa.

Linebacker Devin White knows that the team isn’t going to win by being successful in just one phase of the game, however. White said that Bucs defenders “want to put the game on our backs” and he believes that sharing a practice field with Brady will help prepare them for that effort.

“We’re not going to want him to pick us apart every day in training camp,” White said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “We’re going to get better with our disguises, and we’re going to try to confuse him a little. Going against him in practices will really bring our game out to a new level.”

The defense closed the 2019 season on an upswing and the Bucs were able to hold onto pass rushers Shaq Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul while they were remaking their offense, so there’s other reason to hope that the defense will be a strength in Tampa this season.

7 responses to “Devin White: Practicing against Tom Brady will bring our game to a new level

  1. Now we are getting just what Brady brings to the table.

    Many times over the years defensive backs for the Pats

    said the same thing.Last year three off lineman were out, no

    tight end most passes dropped by recivers in the league.

    thiink you are going to see a big differance this year

  2. As a Pats fan I can tell you that this isn’t true. It’s a natural assumption to make and sounds logical but over the years the Patriots defense has ranged from very good to not so good depending on talent and that’s with one of the best defensive minds in nfl history at the helm. The truth is, if you have the talent and coaching on defense you will be good. If not, you will get burned in practice and in the games.

  3. ‘ya, that noodle arm will be hard to defend against in practice’

    I have always been amused when people take this stance on Brady. If you followed a baseball team that consistently won by hitting singles and doubles – would you complain because they didn’t hit enough homeruns?

    Not if you were about winning.

  4. Brady took his foot off the gas and mentally checked out, has a poor clock now and his feet are crappy.

    If he gets what he wants and uses a lot of shotgun spread for the 45-50 pass attempts per game, you will see a battered qb in that offense ce November. They have a crap OL and no running backs to protect that.

    His rejecting a good OL, a run game, no playaction achieved at all, while pretending he inside a Madden video game, means a big failure in Tampa Bay.

    This ego problem of his isn’t all that new. It actually started in 2007 when BB started spoiling him with toys.

    This is why the Pats defense has been so vocal about Stidham last Dec with 1st team reps.

    Brady can’t do that anymore. He checked out and once that happens, you’re done. Jordan did it, but that is basketball. This is football.

  5. stucats says:
    May 22, 2020 at 9:33 am
    ya, that noodle arm will be hard to defend against in practice.


    Is Peyton back in the league ?

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