Frank Gore excited to play for Adam Gase again

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Frank Gore and Adam Gase have a history together.

In 2008, Gase was an offensive assistant for the 49ers and Gore was in San Francisco. In 2018, Gase was head coach of the Dolphins and Gore signed in Miami. And now Gase is head coach of the Jets, and Gore is coming to play for him again. Gore is excited about it.

“Adam’s very smart,” Gore said, via “When everybody’s on the same page, we can make something happen. That’s what I like about Adam, he’s very smart, he’s real. He’s a man of his word.”

Gore said that however Gase wants to use him in the Jets’ offense, it will work.

“I’m cool. I’m happy to even be playing this game at my age. I’m happy that this organization is giving me an opportunity. I’m just going to come in, come to work,” Gore said. “Whenever I get my number called I’m just going to try to make a play for our team to be successful. I’m very excited.”

At age 37, Gore is at the tail end of his career, and happy to be reuniting with a coach he trusts.

22 responses to “Frank Gore excited to play for Adam Gase again

  1. FG is great. IT’s a shame he spent so much time on middling to underling teams.

  2. He’s excited to lose most of the games in the coming season if there is one?

  3. Of course he is!! Gase fed him like 20 carries a game as he drove the Dolphins into the ground.

  4. Perhaps Gore greatest contribution to the Jets this year will be to convince Jets players and fans that Gase is a decent coach.

  5. 37 year-old RB that can still tote the rock? Especially after his injury history!

    Frank Gore is the man!

  6. Yeah, it must be quite a rush to play for a coach that doesn’t build winning teams and quite likely will be fired by the end of the year.

  7. So I don’t like Gase either, obviously most don’t. But no one has more respect around the league than Frank Gore, and he loves the guy. Crazy, huh?

  8. I think these Millennials like being more “friends” with their coaches as opposed to wanting to win a sb ring.

    This guy will have one of the most productive yet uneventful careers simply by choosing crappy teams to play for with a vacationland style vibe in the organization.

    Very odd. Everyone knows Gase is horrible.

  9. “That’s what I like about Adam”

    That’s “coach” to you. Unless he’s a new school cupcake coach and lets you call him by his first name.

  10. tigershark0052 says:
    May 22, 2020 at 10:37 am
    Class act player. All about the team.

    25 2 Rate This


    Yet he openly chooses crap teams to play for? lol

    Yeah, sweet team player. He seems real committed.

  11. As a Bills fan, it was apparent he lost a lot of gas as the season progressed this past season. I don’t know how much he’ll have left this season, but he’s a hard worker, I thank him for his contributions, and I wish him nothing but the best.

  12. At some point in the upcoming season, he will start over LeMEon Bell.

    Gore is on his last legs, but he can give you the same stats Bell gave the team last season minus the unreliability.

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