Raiders confident Allegiant Stadium will be ready by July 31

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The Raiders are entering what officials called the “fourth quarter,” as they try to finish Allegiant Stadium in the middle of a pandemic.

According to Mick Akers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, crews are still described as being on track for “substantial completion” of the new Las Vegas home by July 31.

“The coronavirus pandemic has upended daily life and made an already ambitious project schedule even more challenging,” Don Webb, chief operating officer for the Raiders’ construction subsidiary, told the Las Vegas Stadium Authority. “But even with this added degree of difficulty, Allegiant Stadium remains on track for substantial completion of its construction on July 31.

“The construction continues generally on a six-day a week schedule, with a daily workforce that has exceeded 2,000 workers on site.”

At least 16 workers on the project have tested positive for COVID-19, and they’ve gone from two shifts of workers to three to allow for increased distancing.

The roof installation is complete, along with video boards inside the stadium and the sod on the field tray. They’re still testing heating and cooling system and are still working on public restrooms and concession stands.

Of course, if fans aren’t going to be in the stadium for those early games, those things won’t matter as much.

They first thing on the schedule there is an Aug. 22 Garth Brooks concert.

The Raiders play the first two weeks of the preseason on the road, and their first game in the new building is scheduled for Aug. 27. They travel in Week One of the regular season, before the scheduled home opener against the Saints on Sept. 21.

10 responses to “Raiders confident Allegiant Stadium will be ready by July 31

  1. Even if it’s not ready, they can skip the games. They will be all losses anyways.

  2. if teams and fans didn’t seem to want state of the art stadiums:
    1) the work would be complete
    2) tickets would be way cheaper
    3) kroenke wouldn’t be borrowing money
    4) all that money could be used to reinvest in depressed communities, or in this instance, help with the covid crap
    5) the list is truly endless, but here we are, have to have a field tray, and giant vidoeo screens and thousand dollar seats- I call malarkey and say we need to adjust our over the top way of thinking

  3. I call jealousy, many other people who can afford it will enjoy this stadium.


    We love to be the most disliked team in the NFL ..its the Raider way lol

    were back
    Silver and Black


  5. Al Davis had a lot of shortcomings as a businessman but he always strived to field a winner on the field (even though his senility in his later years prevented that).

    On the other hand it certainly looks like Al’s son has a lot of grifting and political skills which came in handy during business negotiations and will yield him a huge financial windfall. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll applaud Son-of-Al while overlooking the fact that he doesn’t care one iota about putting a winning product on the football field.

  6. Davis totally outsmarted Spanos of the “LA” Chargers in the Chargers “re-location” fiasco.

  7. Hows that LA stadium coming? I mean they started building it a year earlier than Vegas.

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