Rams DC Brandon Staley: Jalen Ramsey can play anywhere, do anything

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Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald noted this week that the team’s defense will look a lot different this year as a result of the departures of defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and several players.

Having Donald on hand means the cupboard is far from bare for new coordinator Brandon Staley. Cornerback Jalen Ramsey is another high-end player for Staley to use as a linchpin for his unit and Staley said this week that Ramsey’s versatility is a plus as he looks to fill out the secondary.

“He’s got command of all the positions in the defensive backfield. I cannot look at him just as a corner. I look at him as a DB. This guy can do anything. He thinks like a quarterback,” Staley said, via USAToday.com. “What’s awesome about him is he can play anywhere. He can play outside or inside or safety. So we can move him around if we need to.”

Ramsey has played at a high level since entering the league, but Staley said that he thinks “there’s a lot more in him than he’s shown in the NFL.” Should Staley help Ramsey reach new heights, the Rams will likely enjoy the new look of their defense.

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  1. With John Johnson coming back, and Taylor Rapp coming off a fantastic rookie season, the Rams might have the best secondary in the league. Troy Hill is the “weak link”, but he happens to be a solid cover guy. Terrell Burgess, David Long, and Darius Williams round things out.

  2. Two years ago, the Rams were about offense. The offense broke the huddle early, if they even huddled at all. That gave enough time for HC to survey the field and then tell Geoff the best way to attack that defense. It was successful. The Rams won a lot of games. Last year was very different. The defensive would give one look, then switch to another when teams figured the HC could not have communicate any longer, leaving everything to Geoff. They were not very successful, and that exposed the defense who had to play differently than the year before. They defense could hold up having to play more minutes since the offense was playing less. Hence, all the changes for this year. Wade Phillips is gone, as are some of the players.

    S.F. and Seattle are still at the top of the NFC West. The Cards are an improving team. The big question is can the Rams hold off the Cards? That will be determined next season. Both the NFC West and South, with Tom Brady, will be fun to watch!

  3. While Ramsey is a very good player the team screwed themselves over in so many ways when they traded for him.

    Is he really that much better than Marcus Peters that he is worth 2 1st round picks and Marcus Peters and resetting the CB market?

    The Rams have not had a 1st round pick in the McVay era and now all their cheap young talent are neither cheap nor young.

    Ramsey is similar to Mack going to the Bears. It improves the team at one position but kills the team’s cap and draft picks that they need to improve the team in other areas.

    The Rams will not make the playoffs again in the near future. The success they had early on is not something they can replicate.

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