Report: Devonta Freeman prepared to skip season in absence of better offer

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Devonta Freeman turned down the same deal that Carlos Hyde took from the Seahawks. Hyde agreed to a one-year deal worth up to $4 million, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

Freeman’s options appear even more limited now, and it seems unlikely he will find a better deal from any other team.

So where does that leave the veteran running back?

Mike Silver of NFL Media reports that Freeman is willing to sit out the season.

“Freeman believes he is worth more than what was being offered and has insisted he is willing to . . . skip the season if his number isn’t met,” Silver writes. “Freeman has invested his money well and saved much of the income he’s earned thus far. Financially, he does not have to play. His current mentality is that he won’t play if he doesn’t get an offer that reflects what he believes his value is.”

That probably wouldn’t be a wise move for Freeman unless he is OK with his career potentially being over after six seasons. He is 28. He has not played a full, 16-game season in 2016 when he had his last 1,000-yard rushing season and made his last Pro Bowl.

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  1. On one hand, it seems foolish to pass up $4 million. On the other hand, if he really has managed his money well, why beat up your body if your heart isn’t in it and you don’t need money?

  2. If he doesn’t need the money then more power to him. If he thinks teams will offer him more money next year than they did this year he should call Le’veon Bell and ask how that works out.

  3. Guess he’s retiring. If your not gonna get what you think you’re worth this year, you sure as heck ain’t gonna get it next year.

  4. When a player sits out for more money I secretly hope they go bankrupt and have to work a normal job regretting giving up millions.

  5. I’m would not have even offered him $4M. He had one and a a half good seasons. Massive disappointment since then who was frequently equaled or outshined by backups.

    Enjoy your retirement, Devonta. You did well to get what you did in your career.

  6. This NEVER works out for the player.

    Sit out then next year you’ll barely get $2m offers LOL

    RB market is dead you’re lucky you got offered $4m

    Hope you invested wisely at 28 years old you’ll never find work at $4m/yr

    Never understand greed in the NFL when you’re a mid card player with ZERO leverage. Take what you’re getting offered bc you’ll regret it when your older and broke

  7. Yea sure you’re worth that much…Yup….I can still bench 450 like I used to when I was in my 20s, and then I wake up and both of my elbows are locked up from eating ice cream the night before. Those cones are tough man gotta tell you

  8. He seemingly has forgotten that running backs come younger and cheaper with fresher legs too!

    He’ll sit out until he doesn’t….

  9. Good for him. Overthecap says he has earned $24mill. He is setting a good example for younger guys by not needing to play. Because every one of them is potentially one play away from not being able to play. They should take care of their money first, like Marshawn says. Then once they are set for life if they want to buy a lambo go for it.

  10. Freeman missed a block on that key strip sack by Hightower in the Super Bowl. Then again it was 3rd and 1 and ATL was up by 16 with like 7:00 left so they shouldnt have been passing.

  11. Skip along, bruh. OK, if he has invested his money so well (per agent) and doesn’t need money, why will he only play for a higher salary? Knew he was all about the Benjamins (shout out to Omar) when agent and he whined about new deal THE WEEK OF THE SUPER BOWL. Big mistake by Falcons signing him to big deal afterward. Lesson learned.

  12. He’s pretty good but not “hold out and someone will back up the Brinks truck” good. Bad decision buddy.

  13. They key words are “up to.” Dr. Carlos and Mr. Hyde may not come close to making 4 million bucks playing for Penny-pinching Mode.

  14. Let’s weigh this out. I could play and make 4 Million or sit home and make nothing with no chance of ever making that money up. I guess I’ll make nothing and then next year take even less because my value certainly isn’t going up after sitting for a year. Sounds like a good decision to me.

  15. Well, sounds like the Seattle crew dodged a bullet. No team needs a RB with an attitude. Seattle had one with Lynch but he was good enough to put up with it until he wasn’t. Then he was gone a year later. they been struggling to find a RB ever since, with lots of money and time wasted. Maybe they should look at their OL?

  16. If he wants to play, then he will take what a team is willing to pay him. The market is not exactly paying RB’s approaching the wrong side of 30 top dollar. If he managed his money right, he doesn’t have to play. He really needs to reevaluate what he’s worth.

  17. This is the same guy that said he was concerned about feeding his family on $600,000 a year, back in 2017. Now he is turning down $4Miil SMH

  18. He should retire….doesn’t need the money, save the wear and tear on his body and more importantly his brain. I think players should be limited to a 5 year career anyway.

  19. If the deal gives him a realistic chance to earn $4 million, then he should grab it. If the incentive markers are impossible to reach, leaving just $1.5 million, then he would be correct to seek a better deal.

  20. the dude is in a bad place. The NFL is going to lose a ton of this year, even if they play. No one is negotiating high dollar contracts!

  21. patriotmaleorgy says:
    May 22, 2020 at 7:07 pm
    When a player sits out for more money I secretly hope they go bankrupt and have to work a normal job regretting giving up millions.


    That is a pretty disgusting attitude. You only get a couple of shots at making money in this league. Why should he put his body on the line for anything less than what he thinks is fair. Nothing wrong with trying to get every penny you can.

  22. Will always remember him as the one costing super bowl. They should have let him go just for missing that block on Hightower

  23. Devonta. Do yourself a favour, and read the news. Then hit up Leveon. Ask him how sitting out a season turned out for him. And that was without a pandemic!

  24. Keep in mind that Hyde took the 4 million, so I suspect that the other teams that are looking were offering less. Also, most offers are probably 2 million plus incentives, but since for some teams he won’t be a starter (like the Eagles), he would never hit any incentives (500+ yards, 6+ tds, etc.)

    He isn’t sitting out, he will wait for an rb to get hurt and then come in.

  25. Any guy in his position who doesn’t end up taking the best 1-year contract opportunity by the time the season starts is showing loud and clear that he doesn’t have the desire or competative nature the play the game… at least not any more. What GM or coach would someone like that around to influence their younger players?

  26. Not a smart negotiation tactic…it tells interested teams your heart really isn’t into playing NFL football anymore. Where do these guys get their agents from giving them this type of bad advice?

  27. Take it from a Falcons fan: Davonte pretty much retired as soon as we gave him that big contract.

  28. “His current mentality is that he won’t play if he doesn’t get an offer that reflects what he believes his value is.”

    He’s done. He’s mentally checked out.

    When a guy who is a successful veteran says he will only play for a certain amount it means he is already gone and isn’t able to admit it. When a certain. specific, dollar amount is your main motivation, you’re already done. All veterans do this. And if they get that amount they never live up to it, and if they settle they then come back and are lousy.

    Oh expect someone to sign him in the second half of the season for a cut-rate and still buyer’s remorse; but when a guy says this stuff it means he’s already mentally checked out.

  29. Seems his situation is more ‘’Since I don’t need the money, if I’m going to do this I need to be paid much more then $4 million to make the grind worth it.’ Rather then ‘I’m much better the $4 mil and deserve more.’

    An additional $4 million would change our day to day lives. Sounds like it wouldn’t change his.

  30. Sound like he believe he’s worth more than what’s being offered. I can’t understand why people get upset when people make decisions for themselves and it’s not hurting you He’s worth whatever he accept might end up being more than 4m or less

  31. Maybe if these guys had worked in the real world for a bit and learned the value of money…

  32. Getting four million dollars is better than not getting four million dollars.

    I bet there’s a few high end millionaires, and some billionaires, that wouldn’t pass up four mil.

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