Report: Russell Wilson wants Antonio Brown in Seattle

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Although Josh Gordon may be cleared to return before Antonio Brown, it’s Brown and not Gordon who has captured the attention of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

According to John Clayton of 710 ESPN in Seattle, Wilson wants Brown to join the team.

The Seahawks’ receiving corps includes DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. Philip Dorsett arrived as a free agent this year.

“[I]t’s not out of the question for the Seahawks to add another wide receiver,” Clayton said, via USA Today. “According to sources, Wilson would love to add Antonio Brown. Brown is also close with backup quarterback Geno Smith, whose one-year contract with the Seahawks was finalized Wednesday.”

Brown, who has played for the Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots, repeatedly has been linked to the Ravens, where his cousin, receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, plays. Last year, the Seahawks reportedly kicked the tires on Brown before adding Gordon.

Of course, Brown can’t play for anyone until a trio of pending Personal Conduct Policy investigations have concluded. From last September’s lawsuit alleging sexual assault and rape to alleged harassment of another female who made claims against him to to an incident with a moving-truck driver that resulted in an arrest and multiple charges, Brown could be facing a significant suspension before he’s permitted to play again.

19 responses to “Report: Russell Wilson wants Antonio Brown in Seattle

  1. Brown will prove to be unguideable & nothing but a waste of time & energy. He is not ready.

  2. Russell Wilson is tooooo bougie for AB. Brown will clown him, punk him, take Ciara from him, then dump all over her, him, and the whole locker room

  3. please stop giving horrible people twelve chances and tons of money, it’s a bad idea, and reflects poorly on our society and culture as a whole- wilson, what the heck dude? show some sense

  4. Brown would destroy the Seahawks locker room for the short time he is with them, before they have to get rid of him. Not worth the trouble.

  5. Since when did Russell Wilson become GM of the Seahawks so they can give jobs to all his buddies. Maybe Russell would be willing to give up some of his $31M salary this year (prorated bonus included) to sign AB. Then I can’t wait to see AB drive him crazy. I think that would be funny.

  6. Brown is nobody’s answer, period. Locket has always been solid who makes clutch catches, and I believe DK Metcalf is poised to have a break out season. Phillip Dorsett runs hot and cold. He needs to be more consistent.

    My fear would be in Russell Wilson goes down. You have nothing if Geno Smith is your backup. That’s a huge drop off. Seattle need a better backup QB.

  7. Wilson has no idea what he is talking about. Pete has kept him in that protective bible on Seattle from the door. He booted Tate out after that “incident” with Wilson and the LOB was soon dismantled when certain members couldn’t keep their mouth shut about Russ. Taking on AB is 10x worse than any of those other things that has happened to Wilson, you would’ve thought he has learned his lesson by now but maybe he’s a glutton for punishment? As a player AB is one of the best probably still, but his mind is warped and it’s just not worth the headache.

  8. I understand why Russell said he wants AB on his team. AB is worth looking at & if he played for a team, it needs to be one that treats players as grownups and not like High School or college kids. Seattle is a team, most players want to play for. They let players be themselves. Doesn’t always work out, but AB would be allowed to prove he has the character to receive the needed respect to showcase his talent.

    That all said; I’m inclined to sign Josh Gordon back first, if he gets reinstated.

  9. Hey Russell would you like to have AB on the Seahawks? ‘I’d love to play with AB!’
    Report out of Seattle……Russell Wilson wants Antonio Brown.

  10. Russell Wilson would have nothing but wonderful things to say about Charles Manson. So why even ask.

  11. Why all the hate?
    AB would be a good Seahawk.
    Everyone deserve a 2nd chance, right?
    Well, ok then, let’s do it.

  12. Percy Harvin also wants to come back.
    Wouldn’t AB and PH make a wonderful locker room environment?
    I think Russell Wilson overestimates his evangelistic skill.
    Help, I’ve fallen down and I cant get up!

  13. The Seahawks need to worry about filling other needs and adding Brown would only cause a media circus, hurt feelings and dysfunction. He’s not the same guy who lit up the field in Pittsburgh in what feels like years ago…

    He’s a mess, crazy and all about him. He will throw the entire team and city under the bus before he claims responsibility for anything.

  14. Thinking you left out the many Twitter tyrades offering many different versions of “F YOU, NFL” and “I’m done w you NFL!”. This guy is the epitome of walking time bomb. Playing in the league, regardless of the overly spoiled nature of it in general, is a privilege, not a right, and he has not just burned the bridge, but rather dropped an atomic bomb on it. For the sake of everything good, do not allow him back in.

  15. AB has had more than just a second chance. He shouldn’t be allowed anymore chances until he has cleared up all of his legal issues and prove he is going to a therapist and working on getting his life together.

  16. The talent? Go for it! Everything else that comes with him means Seattle shouldn’t have anything to do with him. I’d recommend that to the other 31 teams as well.

    Football issues are one thing. His off field issues (which all teams can’t control) are another.

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